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Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Lazy Week

I apologise for not posting during the week but I have had a week of catching up with people I have not visited for ages and just doing very little. We attended the funeral of my beloved aunt on Monday and today my Mum and I attended the Deloraine Craft Fair. I did not take any photos as I was unsure of how the artists would feel about it  but will provide some links to the pages of people exhibiting there that I found most interesting.
You can find some photos here that have been  taken by a newspaper. This is not a craft fair in terms of buying fabric etc, this craft fair is all about the finished product. Spend some time going through the website.

 This year one of the showcases artists is Alison Holt and her free motion machine embroidered scenes are just breathtaking and exquisite. Her website is HERE.

Maree Caplin is a Tasmanian lady and her work was in the Hoffman challenge. Ken Smith also was doing free motion embroidery.

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