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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Looks like we need to lift our game

Thought you might like to see this interview that Martha Stewart gave recently. She talks about social media and in particular bloggers. Looks like we don't cut the mustard so to speak. You can see her interview HERE


  1. I don't think Martha was an expert when she first started out. There may be some blogger out there who is the "next" Martha.

    1. Oh, I agree!
      And, I've gleaned ever so much more from "lowly" bloggers & their trial & error & triumph than I'll ever benefit from Martha Stewart's perfection.
      (Personally, I think she's being petty because it must be cutting into her market...)

  2. I'll put my sewing skills up against Martha any day! Some of us were Martha, before she was a name. Wonder if she gave much time as a room mother to Alexis' school days.

  3. Sounds like arrogance on Martha's part. Have no time for people like her. Give me Vicki and her generosity of spirit any day. Keep up the good work Vicki. Can't tell you how much I/we (your followers) appreciate the time and effort and skills that you share with us. Lucy

  4. Wow I am sure she has created a lot of controversy with her remarks. All I can add to what everyone else has said is that blogging is more than just sharing recipes and patterns, it is about connecting with people who share the same interests.
    As a newcomer to your blog I have learned so much in such a short time, so keep doing what you are doing Vicki. You have such a generous and kind spirit.

  5. Martha is losing ground so now she attacks the regular person. I definitely agree that her market is being squeezed, especially her books and magazines. Vicky, you do great work and she is upset that less and less folks are turning to her and more are turning to bloggers. Bloggers rejoice, when someone like Martha turns the death rays on ya, you know you are doing something right!!

  6. Martha Stewart is too full of herself! I've seen some of her projects on line and they certainly are not of an "expert's" standard. Vicki's work however is beautiful and expertly done. Besides she is missing the point of blogs altogether. It's about community and sharing.

  7. ...a haughty ego..... :-/ Expertise is in the eye of the reader. :-)