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Monday, 21 October 2013

Hints and Tips 20 - How wide should the finished width of my strip set be?

How may times have you stitched a strip of similar width strips together and then wondered what they were supposed to measure if using an accurate 1/4 inch seam?

I have made this handy reference table so that you can instantly calculate what your finished width should be depending on the number of  similar width strips you have.

I have also devised  a General Formula to find the finished width for a stitched band of the same size strips for any size strip. 

I do not know if someone has done this already but this is my version. I could do a spread sheet with all of the values in it but research tells us that we need to keep our brains active to prevent the onset of dementia.

 Finished width of strip band

= (Width of individual strip - 0.5) x (number of strips you have) + 0.5

 For example if you have stitched together 9 strips that are 3 1/4 inches wide

 Finished width = (3.25 - 0.5) x 9 +0.5
                           =2.75 x 9 + 0.5
                           = 25.25 inches

 For example if you have stitched together 16 strips that are 2 3/8 inches wide

 Finished width = (2.375 - 0.5) x 16 +0.5
                           =1.875 x 16 + 0.5
                           = 30.5 inches
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