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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hints and Tips 22- Eliminating Bunny Ears on Pillows

I have been meant to do this hint for a while as it is one I talk about when giving a presentation to a machine embroidery/quilting group.

When we stuff a cushion/pillow firmly more likely than not we end up with little pointy corners especially if the fabric has a fair bit of body. Sometimes I am quite OK with this effect as seen in my Believe pillow that I made for my daughter.. There is a fix but it is not quite so easy with pieced pillows.

 The bunny ear effect can be eliminated with a bit of pre planning before cutting especially if the pillow is made of plain all over fabric or has borders that are plain strips.

I have made two small example pillows from sheeting that are only 10 inches square when finished.The first one I did not modify in any way and you can see that there is a small bunny ear effect
To make one the same size without bunny ears you need to trace out the finished size of your pillow as shown with at least 1/4 inch extra all the way around
With your ruler place a mark about 1/4 inch out form your drawn line on the middle  middle of each side as shown
Rule from this mark back to the corner as shown

Repeat for all four sides.
You can then trim back to these lines leaving 1/4 inch for seam allowances.
Alternatively you can just leave the seam allowances, stitch on the drawn lines and then trim back.
My finished very very rough samples are below. The my first attempt without any modification is on the right and the one I extended the sides out is on the left. Please keep in mind that these have not been stuffed very well and are made from very flimsy fabric but you can gauge the effect and the results.

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