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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lovely Autumn Garden and Blackwork Roses Update

Miniature cyclamen
I just love  looking around the garden during Autumn. Even though the falling leaves make a dreadful mess and swirl around the front door you get unexpected joy when you find something so delicate and beautiful like these miniature cyclamen. We also have some amazing orange coloured toadstools but everytime I go to take a pic they have been attacked by bugs.

Blackwork Roses Block 6

Blackwork Roses Block 7
I have also sent out Blocks 6 and 7 of the Blackwork Roses BOM. We have two more blocks to go with one of them being a double block.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Child's Vest Pattern and Tutorial Uploaded

Child's Vest Front view

Child's Vest Back View
I have just uploaded a tutorial and pattern for a semi- fitted child's vest. I have done the pattern for a 3 year old but have also provided instructions on how to scale it down to fit a 2 year old and up to fit a 4 or 5 year old. The vest has darts in the back to give it a lovely fitted shape.

This vest can be worn by both boys and girls and would be wonderful embellished with embroidery, or perhaps with some decorative pockets stitched on it.

 A matching bow tie would be very eye catching for boys. You can find the tutorial HERE and the pattern HERE

Emma's Letter

News of my missing great great uncle
Today has been Anzac Day here in Australia where we honour those who have bravely fought for our country. My great great uncle was killed in France in 1917 and my great great grandmother wrote this letter seeking information as to his wherebouts.We take so much for granted in these times of instant communication. She had to wait for many months for the sad news to be confirmed.
Lest We Forget

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Free Online Classes Update

Blackwork Roses BOM Block 5

Christening Gown Sleeve
I have spent the weekend sending out the latest lessons for the two free online classes I am running. Block 5 of the Blackwork Roses quilt was sent out yesterday and I have only just now sent out Lesson 3 for the heirloom christening gown class.
It is the start of another week so I had better go and get ready before heading off to school.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

My poppy stitch out

My poppy stitch out
I have wrangled the large 14 in x 14 in hoop on my Brother 10 needle machine and stitched out the free poppy design from Flair magazine (my previous post). I changed the red to a pink colour I just love and will make it up into a cushion for my lounge/sitting room. I split the design in Embird . Everything lined up perfectly and I and very happy with the result.

Freebie Designs from Flair Magazine

Free design from Flair Magazine
Flair Magazine are offering some great free machine embroidery designs with their latest issue. One of them is this lovely poppy design, which although for the Janome 12000 I am sure can be made to fit some of our other sized hoops. I am going to try splitting it and stitching it out on my new large toy. Pick up the other freebies ( Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Crown and Embroiderer's star )which are also on the right hand side of the website page.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Life is hectic and Down Under Quilts magazine

There do not seem to be enough hours in the day. This week I have gone to school at 7.30 and then not come home until after 5.00 or last night it was 7.00. By the time we have our evening meal and I do a bit of school prep for next day it is bed time. I eagerly await each weekend as it give me time to think a bit more creatively about the projects I want to do.
DUQ152 cover
The latest edition of Down Under Quilts is now online. If you wish to sign up for this free magazine go to this link.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Toddler boy's vest and pattern uploaded

Reversible Toddler Vest
 I have just finished the pattern and tutorial for a reversible toddler boy's double breasted vest. It is for a 1-2 year old but I have included some tips on how to enlarge the size up to fit a 4 year old .You can can find the tutorial HERE and the pattern HERE.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

My new machine and working on new tutorial

My Brother PR1000
My new machine is up and running and I am coming to grips with it. I am learning a new thing about it every day. The stitch quality is great I am extremely happy with that. I have come to grips setting up the machine to stop to do applique trims. I was very worried about assigning colours to needles but there are a few ways around that and I am quite comfortable doing that task now. The one thing I do not like is threading needle the needles. I have multi focal glasses and because of that I have to turn my head in all sorts of positions. think this will be overcome with some cheap magnifying reading glasses from the pharmacy.
I am also working on a new tutorial, two types of vests for small boys but I have become a little distracted with my new toy. Hopefully will get this organised over the weekend.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Christening Gown and Blackwork Roses Block 4

Blackwork Roses Block 4

Christening gown Slip

Top of slip
I have been very busy over the Easter break. I sent out the instructions to the Christening gown slip last night to those people participating in that class .The instructions for Block 4 in the Blackwork Roses Quilt BOM have also just gone out.

There is still time to join both of these free online classes. Just email me HERE if you wish to join in.

I need to spend the day today getting my sewing room organised for the Brother PR1000 to come and stay tomorrow. Finally made up my mind. Now for the steep learning .

Friday, 6 April 2012

Rangoli Embroidered -Not Quite Ten Minute Table Runner-Free tutorial

Rangoli Machine Embroidered 10 Minute Table Runner
 Many of our digitizers are very generous in providing free samples for us to try. One of those is Lyn from Kenny Kreations who this month is offering this free Rangoli square design. I have stitched out the 6 inch size design and made this "10 minute" table runner with it.To do this tablerunner using this design you will need to go to Kenny Kreations and download it by following the prompts from the home page.You can find the tutorial HERE.  This is a great litle project and you could quite easily make two or three in a day. I have embellished the table runner by adding some prairie points around the edge of the embroidered squares.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Rangoli Recessed Zipper Bag Tutorial and Free Design Download

Rangoli Bag
Rangoli Bag 2
At the begining of 2011 I designed a bag to showcase the Rangoli designs from Kenny Kreations. Lyn is currently offering one of the Rangoli designs as a free download and it ideal to make this bag. You can find the tutorial for the bag HERE

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Blackwork Roses Quilt top -half done

Blackwork Roses Quilt -top half
The blackwork roses quilt top is half done and I have uploaded a picture for you to see. I have also been busily working on some more pillowcases for the children of my friends.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Blackwork Roses BOM Block 3

Blackwork Roses BOM Block 3
I have just sent out the instructions for Block 3 of the Blackwork Roses BOM.

After much pondering I have decided that if I am going to buy another embroidery machine it will be the Brother 10 needle machine. It is a big decision.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Blackwork Roses Quilt in Progress

Blackwork Roses Quilt in Progress
I have spent the weekend working on the design for the Blackwork Roses BOM quilt. I have taken a quick pic of my thinking to date of the bocks on my couch/design wall. I will be sending the instructions for the double block in the top right hand corner out tonight when I get home from school. There is still time to sign up for this BOM ,just drop me an email.