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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Another new week and a busy one just gone

This has been my first post for a few days but I have not been on a holiday. I have today finished and packaged up 19 of my Bridie's Blossom's angel baby packs after they were requested by the major hospital in the state. My sister and her friend will deliver in the coming week. I must say a big thank you to the lovely ladies who have knitted booties for me and made the machine  embroidered lace angels.  
Bridie's Blossoms packages 

Amy has sent in a pic of her Graceful quilt  using the BOM blocks that I designed for the BFC anniversary set from 2013 . Love the black and white.
Pat has finished her Polka Dot giraffe quilt

and so has Karen. It is great to see them together so that we can all get some idea of other colour combinations we can use.

Karen has also used elements from the  Stack Ems BOM to make this gorgeous small quilt for a hospital.

The penguin colony has been very busy with many visitors both local and overseas. This little fellow came out of his burrow whilst it was still quite bright and quickly took off into the bushes. He was fully feathered and I suspect may have been ready to go out tot sea for the first time when it became dark enough. He  didn't give me much time to try and focus to get a sharp photo.
Baby penguin fully feathered
Over the past few weeks these lovely little grey fantails have been nesting on a small twig. However, I noticed last night that the nest was empty. We have had very rough weather and the little birds may have met some misfortune. The little nest are made from dry grass and spider webs and a golf ball would fit snugly inside one

We have also had some gorgeous sunsets and rainbows.

I will be sending out the next installments in the two BOM's that I have running, the HIA Forest Owls and the BFC 11th Anniversary , over the next day or so. It is also back  to costume making but I do intend to set one day a week aside to work on the Blossom's packages.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

BFC 11th Anniversary Quilt BOM

I finished putting together the quilt top using the free BFC Creations 11th Anniversary Set.
I had to hurriedly take a photo before the rain came tumbling down. Last night we had to sleep with the fan on, tonight we will need all of the blankets.
BFC 11th Anniversary Set BOM
Block 7 and Block 8 have been sent out tonight.
Block 7

Block 8
My two little helpers quickly commandeered the owl quilt I had spray basted when I left room and when  I returned was greeted with the " Hope you don't expect us to move?" look.

They are continually standing guard in case the cat from across the road comes visiting 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Things to share

I have finished making all the block units for the BFC Anniversary BOM that I am running and you can have a sneak peek at them here on my design wall (couch). They have not been pressed or joined together Hopefully will be able to get instructions for the rest of these blocks out fairly promptly over the next few weeks.

BFC Anniversary BOM

A few weeks ago we had some lovely visitors, Lori and Ron (from the USA) to the penguin platform one Saturday night. Lori took a little video with her camera and kindly sent it to me so that I could share it with all of you. The video is of a little blue penguin chick that is nearly fully feathered , out of its burrow waiting for its parents to come back from fishing for the day to feed it. It was only a week or so after this video was taken that the little penguin left its burrow and went to sea where it would have to fend for itself. It is only until they are fully feathered without any downy feathers that they become waterproof.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Forest Owls BOM quilt top finished

I have finished putting together the Forest Owls BOM quilt top. I still have 5 more block lessons to write up and send out to everyone but I needed to get this finished before I get full swing into the costume making. Th BOM was put together with 12 embroidery designs.

Hatched in Africa Forest Owls BOM

Just a little reminder that although my lessons are free to everyone they are still my intellectual property and not be used as a teaching tool in a class that has a fee for tuition attached. You are more than welcome to use them in a class but you must not charge for teaching the techniques provided in the lessons.Charging a fee whilst using my materials is not the spirit in which I intend for them to be used. My lessons format is very distinctive and they may not also be copied, modified and distributed in a class without my prior permission. I have many people who use the projects as fund raisers etc within their stitchery groups and I am more than welcome for them to be used but please send me a courtesy email prior letting me know what you wish to do. 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Back from my little blogging holiday

It was just before Christmas when I last posted and now it is time to resume my posts. I hope that you all had a restful and joyful Christmas with your family and friends and that 2015 will be kind to you all.
I have spent the time getting lots of costumes cut out and put together ready for fitting and have also finished my Bonnie Hunter  Grand Illusion Mystery quilt top. I think that it will be a few months before this one is quilted. It is too hot to quilt at the moment.
Grand Illusion Mystery quilt

We did our usual penguin guiding over the holidays and have met many international visitors from around the world. Saturday night was cut short by about an hour or so as we had some much needed rain. The cloud formations were amazing

A few penguins were peaking out of their burrows before nightfall and these two little boys from overseas were very excited to see them.

We also did the guiding on Christmas Day and were distressed when we found a dead dolphin on the beach. Called a Risso's dolphin it is very uncommon in these parts.
This is now the ninth stranding in Tasmanian waters the past month. 

Risso's Dolphin

I have not posted the more graphic photos of this dolphin but you can read about the strandings to date and there are photos in that story pertaining to those dolphins.