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Friday, 27 November 2015

First Block posted

Block 1 in the BFC Anniversary BOM as been sent out to those who have signed up with me to receive it.
BFC 12th Anniversary BOM Block 1
When I do a BOM with the bright colours of red, bright green, yellow , orange etc I always make sure that they are scattered very consistently throughout the blocks. With this one I will make sure that the bright green colour appears at least once in every block. You should always stand back and have a look at the colours. If for example you have one bright yellow block among other more subdued colours it will stand out like a beacon and your eye will always go to that place.

We have had some lovely little finches coming for a drink and a bath in our garden fountain today. It has been a bit cold for a dip with some low temps close to winter rather than very near summer. I took these photos through our lounge room window so they may be a bit grainy.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Problem with emails including Hotmail

I have the requirements list ready to send out for the new BOM but I am having a problem sending Hotmail and MSN as my ISP is having general spam issues with those types of email accounts. Until it is resolved I will provide links on here for those I cannot email to so please keep checking back. The first stitch out is done, the large size design in 7x7. It is ready for me to add the strips etc.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Lots happening and new BOM

The year is flying by so quickly I wonder how I had time to go to work.

During the last month I have made and delivered 46 Bridie's Blossoms packages, some to a hospital who has requested our packages and the remainder to restock hospitals hopefully for quite some time. Along with those packages have been 18 separate outfits for the baby angels to be buried in. As each packages contains 2  embroidered teddy bears, nappy, outfit, pair of booties, embroidered quilt and keepsake items such as the lovely FSL angels made by some lovely ladies who read this blog things have been a bit hectic. More importantly all of those items now need to be made once again for me to have on hand to make more packages.

Penguin guiding is once again in full swing. These lovely little red capped plovers were on the beach on Saturday night.
Red capped plover

Red capped plover
The glorious spring garden has come and gone but this lovely Kalmia is in its full bloom with exquisite flowers.

My husband has been away visiting our daughter in Canberra. While he was away these black cockatoo took a liking to my silver birch trees. They can demolish a branch in a couple of seconds with their powerful  beaks.
Black cockatoo

Once again Suz from BFC Creations has graciously provided a free set for her anniversary, this time her 12th.

I will once again be doing a BOM . I have sent out an email to those people who participated in the last anniversary BOM but I have had quite a few bounce back, especially if you have a Hotmail account. Please add me to your email user list so that my emails are not blocked.

The first design is on the BFC website for download so be sure to collect it and the remainder each day.

I will have the requirements list out later on this week.
The colours I am using are these. The dark colour is actually a dark chocolate brown not black.
Please email me if I have not contacted and you want to participate in this new BOM