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Friday, 26 October 2012

Crazy Patch BOM Block 3 and a bit under the weather

Crazy Quilt BOM Block 3

Once again I seem to have done very little this week so I need to get my sewing mojo back. I have completed Block 3 in the Crazy Patch BOM and have sent that lesson to those who have signed up for this free BOM I am doing. I am trying to get one block out a week but that may change as I start to wrote reports and finish off the school year including getting the timetable underway for next year before I leave.
I have been battling another repiratory tract bug that has laid me low for a couple of days. Think it is also a cobination of a virus and hayfever.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Crazy Patch BOM Block 2

Block 2 in our new Crazy Patch BOM using Kenny Kreations Crazy Quilt designs has been sent out this morning. This block showcases an image printed onto fabric and the BOM lessons will continue this theme throughout the 64 or so blocks. You can still join this free BOM by sending me an email .
The last Block has gone out in the Zebra BOM with the final construction lesson the only one remaining.
Crazy Quilt BOM Block 2

Block 2 Detail

Block 2 Detail

Block 2 Detail

Friday, 19 October 2012

The weekend- how fast it comes around!

It is Saturday morning once again and it only seems a couple of days ago that it was last Saturday. It also means I have 61 days until I finish school. I have spent the work planing and plotting the crazy quilt BOM and feel guilty for not finishing the quilting on my zebra quilt. I have had a helper during the week and he slows things down a bit.
My apprentice

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Crazy Patch BOM underway

Crazy Patch BOM Block 1
Block 1 of my new BOM has just been sent out to those who have signed up. We will be doing the cream /tan coloured blocks first. I still need to quilt my giraffe quilt and I am just about finished writing the instructions for the final block in the zebra BOM. It is a lengthy lesson as it involves quite a few steps. If you wish to join the Crazy Patch BOM using the crazy patch quilt set from Kenny Kreations please send me an email.

Friday, 12 October 2012

New BOM idea

I have been meaning to do another machine embroidered crazy quilt. My first one in the photo below was a labour of love and I intend to do another with a diagonal colour wash effect.
Crazy quilt

Will give lessons on printing on fabric, doing the beadwork etc. The designs I am going to use are the Crazy Quilt set from Kenny Kreations. Lyn's stitch and flip method for crazy patch is the one I prefer by far. If you wish to be part of this BOM please email me. It will be a lengthy BOM taking quite a few months as there will be 64 blocks in the quilt. The design size will be the 8 inch one but if if you only have a 5 inch hoop that size will be fine also.
If you wish to be part of this BOM  please email me. We will start with a cream coloured block.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

It's Friday! Any ideas for another BOM?

Universtiy Ball
Friday has come around very quickly once again and it is only 69 more days until I finish my teaching career. Whilst Mum was sorting through some of her things after my Dad's passing, she found a photo of a friend and I at a University Ball back in 1976 or 1977, can't quite remember. I managed to track down my friend and I have sent him a scan of the photo to show to his family. Things like this seem to become some so important as we get older.

Don't forget to collect the Whimsical Rose free alphabet at Hatched in Africa. It is also worth checking out the Archived Free designs that Flair magazine has. Just click on each issue to find some very useful machine embroidery designs.

I am also looking for ideas for another BOM , If you have any please email me.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Weekly Roundup

This week has been a busy one. As the school year finished here in Australia in December the couple of months before particularly busy with assessing and extra curricular activities occurring when the weather is much nicer and more predictable if it can ever be.

For those of you who follow my blog closely I have added a new page at the top  about the Little Penguin and I will be adding to that in the coming days.

I remembered that I have not posted the pics of the latest pillowcases that I have made for my colleagues. All of the pillowcases have been embroidered with designs from Bunnycup Embroidery
Noah's Pillowcase

Patrick's Pillowcase

Sebastian's Pillowcase

Sophie's Pillowcase

Be sure to go to the  Hatched in Africa homepage and start collecting their new alpha giveaway ABC - Whimsical Rose Monograms - 5x7. The link to how to go about getting the designs is on the right hand side of their home page.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

First Night of Fairy Penguin Hosting

My husband and I have both become volunteers for Friends of  Lillico , a group that looks after the habitat for the fairy penguin that come ashore and nest in that area and also host vistors to the viewing platform each night over the spring and summer season. We saw 15 penguins last night as it is still very early in the season and only that handful are around as yet. Unfortunately we had no visitors to the visiting platform but that gave us a large amount of time to get to know the other volunteer in attendance for the evening. We will be hosting the tours every Tuesday evening and some Saturdays into he new Year. One highlight of the night is that we heard a male calling from his burrow, his mate arrived from the sea and they then performed a mating ritual for quite a long period of time just below where we were standing.