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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

First Night of Fairy Penguin Hosting

My husband and I have both become volunteers for Friends of  Lillico , a group that looks after the habitat for the fairy penguin that come ashore and nest in that area and also host vistors to the viewing platform each night over the spring and summer season. We saw 15 penguins last night as it is still very early in the season and only that handful are around as yet. Unfortunately we had no visitors to the visiting platform but that gave us a large amount of time to get to know the other volunteer in attendance for the evening. We will be hosting the tours every Tuesday evening and some Saturdays into he new Year. One highlight of the night is that we heard a male calling from his burrow, his mate arrived from the sea and they then performed a mating ritual for quite a long period of time just below where we were standing.

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