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Little Penguins-Fairy Penguins

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Please Note# The photos that you see displayed on the pages following the links below have not been taken with any camera flash so as to not disturb the birds.


Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor)-Photo by Dan Fellows

Lillico Beach Conservation Area
Lillico Beach Conservation Area is situated just off the Bass Highway 10 kilometres west of Devonport. This shrubby 14 hectare narrow coastal strip of land is 2.5 kms long and is mainly sand dune. The beach is littered with drift wood and and is largely composed of evenly polished stones locally referred to as shingle.

Round polished shingle rocks on Lillico Beach

The beach is an important wildlife corridor as it is bounded by two rivers, the Forth and the Don. As can be seen in the first photo on this page the reserve is protected by a steel mesh fence to prevent the penguins from straying onto the nearby highway which is just metres away.

The Friends of Lillico Penguins are a volunteer group who offer a free guiding interpretation service all through the breeding season from October until late April - early May the following year. They work in conjunction with Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania.
Entrance to Lillico Beach viewing platform

There is a viewing platform in place to enhance the visitor experience and more importantly to provide a safe environment for the Little Penguin colony to be viewed.
Lillico Beach Information Board

Lillico Beach Viewing Platform
Viewing Platform Walkway
Information Board
Lillico Beach with Don Heads to the right

About Little Penguins

      Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor)

                 Eudyptula from the Greek = good little diver

Little Penguins usually grow to an average of

Ø 33 cm (13 in) in height

Ø 40 cm (16 in) in length
Ø 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) in weight
With a lifespan of approximately 6.5 years


  1. Vicki, Thank you for the photos and info on the
    Fairy Penquins. I love all animals and enjoy learning about your country. It was always a dream to travel to Australia but it didn't happen, so I'll enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Yes I will never to visit so this is wonderful. Thanks.

  3. Vicki, that is so interesting.
    They are so little.
    What do you do when you guide them with a flashlight?
    Lee in San Antonio

  4. Dear Vicki, it's so nice to meet you on 28 Sep 13 and got introduced to the little penguins. We learned so much from you. And they are so cute!
    You made our trip very memorable. Thank you so much!

    Cheers from Singapore :)

    1. Hi Chew, hope I got that correct. I am pleased that you enjoyed your visit to our state and to the Liilico penguin colony. Our weather here since you left to fly home has been terrible!

  5. Hi Vicki! its Anders from Singapore! Thank you for explaining all the intricate facts about little penguins on that cold September night where we counted 24 Little Penguins! Keep the great work going!

    1. Hi Anders, great to hear for you. It is going to be cold and wet tonight when we go to see the penguins again. Will have to try and post some pics when we get to see the first baby penguins for the season.