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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Quilt top nearly finished

I have finished the BFC 12th Anniversary BOM quilt top. Just have to try and find some fabric for the borders. I am going to use the green for the inner border and if I cannot find something I like will do a piano key border. I am finding it difficult to find some plum or teal coloured fabric .
BFC 12th Anniversary Top
Blocks 1 - 8 have now been sent out by email.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day Night

We are truly blessed to live in this part of the world. We had another lovely night last night at Lillico all be it a bit on the chilly side with the bitter wind from the south. We had gone from light summer clothes the night before to full cold weather kit in the space of 24 hours.

The sunset was beautiful, the moon looked eerily like something from the Adams Family peeping through the clouds and some of the penguins were out and about a little before dark. The little fluff ball penguin chick looked like it was told to change burrows by its parent and ran from one to another. The cloud formations were perfect for taking a few pics in black and white.

We had visitors from all over the world and they were enchanted by our magnificent little penguins.
Little penguin chick

Sunset over Lillico

Sunset over Lillico
I have also made two quilts for two lovely ladies who are each having their first babies next year. The designs are Little Elephant and Little Elephant Too from Bunnycup. I cut the embroidered squares to 9 inches and used 2 inch wide strips for sashing . The tutorial for this type of quilt with any size cut square and sashing can be found HERE
Little elephant Quilt

Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Night at Lillico

Christmas Day has come and gone here in Australia. My husband and I spent it with my Mum and we had a lovely roast lunch and salad for tea which is what we call our evening meal. The weather was warm and mild which is a bit different from the rain we are having now. We have needed the rain desperately as the land is parched.

As the weather had been balmy all day I suspected the penguins may have been out of their burrows early so we went down to  Lillico even thought Friday is not our regular guiding night. We were not disappointed and to make things even more impressive we had the first full moon on a Christmas day for 38 years. Just before sunset the sun turned red as there was smoke in the atmosphere. I have lots of photos and a couple of videos to show you.
Sunset over Lillico Christmas Day 2015

The moon was breathtaking over the water
Full Moon over Lillico Christmas Day 2015

This chick had his head out of his burrow last week when the days were very warm. He was doing the same again and last night he came out in the daylight, a true delight. He is not yet fully feathered with a large amount of down still on him however, the characteristic blue tinge of his adult feathers starting to become evident.
Penguin chick

Penguin chick

 Think he has had too much Christmas dinner

Penguin chick -too much Christmas dinner

I took the little videos on my camera. I have a lot to learn about video editing skills.

A parent brings its single baby out of the burrow.It is a whopper, nearly larger than its parent and all feet. The chick is probably only about 6 weeks old but because it is a single has been receiving all the food. 
The parent had been peeking out of its burrow earlier and you can see the shadows and red hues of the sunset on the walls of the burrow.
Penguin in burrow

There were also a couple of other penguins peeking out and about early

Saturday, 19 December 2015

A mini heat wave

We are in the middle of a mini heat wave here in Tasmania and it is not the best weather for sewing.There have been many windy days and those combined with the pollens flying around resulted in my allergies taking a hammering and my eyelid becoming swollen.

The BOM is well and truly underway with Blocks 1-6 being sent out to those who are receiving them.
BOM Block 3

BOM Block 4

BOM Block 5

BOIM Block 6
I have also being working on Bridie's Blossoms packages with the new outfit only 21-25 week gestation being sent to hospitals this week.

Bridie's Blossom 21-15 weeks outfit only packages
At the moment the quilts with the embroidered centre, keepsake quilts and wraps are being made so that packages are ready if they are needed as we get closer to 2016.

A magical night at Lillico last night. The temp did not dip below 23C and there was no wind. The mainly cloudless sky only had a few high wisps at sunset. The tide was high and the sea was flat with the pelican cruising gracefully around. The baby little penguins were plum(b) tuckered so to speak in the heat and to gain some relief many were at the front of their burrows in daylight to give us some rare and great photo opportunities. One of the young adults even put in an appearance under the scrub.
Lillico at sunset

Pelican cruising by
Baby penguin asleep in the heat
You can see the structures inside a penguin mouth that this little one will use to help it to keep the fish in when it is old enough to go out to the sea fishing for itself.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

BOM well underway

Block 2 has just been sent out in the new BOM using the 12th Anniversary designs from BFC.
Block 2 BFC 12th Anniversary BOM
I have also completed the first two rows and stitched them together. If you wish to be apart of this BOM please email me
Rows 1 and 2
I have also been busy this weeks  with more garments for the  Bridie's Blossoms project. I have been designing new patterns for angel baby  21-25 week gestation sizes that are easy for hospital and funeral staff  too dress the tiny souls in.I particularly wanted a more "boy" type looking bonnet .

As usual the cats have been having a lovely time in the sewing room

There are lots of baby penguins at Lillico and the sunsets have been lovely