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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day Night

We are truly blessed to live in this part of the world. We had another lovely night last night at Lillico all be it a bit on the chilly side with the bitter wind from the south. We had gone from light summer clothes the night before to full cold weather kit in the space of 24 hours.

The sunset was beautiful, the moon looked eerily like something from the Adams Family peeping through the clouds and some of the penguins were out and about a little before dark. The little fluff ball penguin chick looked like it was told to change burrows by its parent and ran from one to another. The cloud formations were perfect for taking a few pics in black and white.

We had visitors from all over the world and they were enchanted by our magnificent little penguins.
Little penguin chick

Sunset over Lillico

Sunset over Lillico
I have also made two quilts for two lovely ladies who are each having their first babies next year. The designs are Little Elephant and Little Elephant Too from Bunnycup. I cut the embroidered squares to 9 inches and used 2 inch wide strips for sashing . The tutorial for this type of quilt with any size cut square and sashing can be found HERE
Little elephant Quilt

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