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Friday, 9 March 2018


I have been working on a new BOM over the last few weeks and the quilt top is now finished. I also only need finish writing instructions for five more of the blocks.
Kaeleidoscope BOM

The BOM is embroidered using Kaleidoscope sets 1,2,4 and 5 from Hatched in Africa. The fabric is Operetta from Connecting Threads. I used the fat quarter sampler but unfortunately the border fabric is no longer available but there are a couple of other fabrics that could easily be substituted. 
You can find the instructions for the blocks written to date HERE. I will let you know when they are all in the folder and the folder will remain available for 2 weeks after that. As with other my other BOM's you can always email me for the download link at any time.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

New Roosters Round the Twist Table Runner tutorial

I have been busily working on my latest table runner using the  Roosters Rule set of design from Hatched in Africa. This table runner measure 21 1/2 inches wide and is 54 inches long from point to point. Although it has machine embroidery as a highlight it could quite easily be made with fussy cut fabric squares.

Roosters Round The Twist Table runner

The tutorial is 30 pages long as I have also included a comprehensive tutorial on binding a project with multiple points and also show you how to join the binding easily without the aid of a gadget.

You can find the tutorial HERE

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Tiffany Windows Quilt Tutorial Uploaded

I have completed the Tiffany Windows quilt over the weekend. This quilt has been stitched with the Tiffany in Stitches set of designs from Hatched in Africa and I made it into an attic window style.
The finished quilt will measure approximately 50  1/2 inches square.

Tiffany Windows quilt

You can find the tutorial HERE

We have had extremely humid weather so it is a welcome change to have some cooler more refreshing mornings. We have had some magnificent sunsets during the week as well.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Charity quilt sewing day and a new free quilt tutorial uploaded

I cannot believe we are into February already.  It has been a busy week.
I stayed up late on Wednesday night to view and take some photos of the eclipse. I put together this little collage from photos taken with my basic point and shoot camera.

Lunar eclipse January 31 2018
On Friday I attended the first workshop of what will become a regular monthly charity sewing event offered by Stewarts Sewing Machine Centre here in Devonport. I taught the ladies a few piecing tricks and we assembled some quilts for the local women's shelter. I had the embroidered squares already stitched out and also the fabric pieces pre cut so it was just a  matter of zipping everything through the sewing machine.This is selection of same of the finished quilt tops. Now it is down to time to me to quilt them but it has a been a bit too warm here of late to be doing that at present.
Charity quilts Friday Feb 2
All of the embroideries are from Hatched in Africa.

Here is my latest quilt design and as you noticed we stitched out a couple of them on Friday. I have named this one Celtic Valentine Twist.
Celtic Valentine Twist
 The 52 inch x 52 inch Celtic Valentine Twist quilt is embroidered with the magnificent new Cara Mia set of designs..
I had the red and pink love heart fabric so pushed the red/ pink colour boundaries with this.

You can find the download for the the tutorial HERE

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Star Fashion Diva Quilt tutorial Uploaded

I have another new quilt tutorial for you. This one is called Star Fashion Diva as it showcases the Fashion Diva set of designs from Hatched in Africa. This particular quilt will be donated to a local women's shelter. I have given instructions to make this quilt in two sizes. This particular one finishes at 52 inches square.

Star Fashion Diva quilt
Obviously this quilt design is ideal to showcase many types of designs. It also look wonderful with the colours reversed.

The quilt above has been designed to use the Rooster Rule set of design from Hatched in Africa.

You can download the tutorial for Star Fashion Divas HERE

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A new quilt tutorial uploaded

I cannot believe that we are halfway through January. Christmas seems like a distant memory. We are having beautiful sunny weather in Tasmania but could o with a little drop of rain to freshen up the garden and restock the water holes we see when we drive by.

Once again we are into full swing with our penguin guiding. We have had many cute and delightful penguin babies  as well as some glorious sunsets including a rainbow at sunset.

I have been very busy making Bridie's Blossoms packages as well as a new quilt which I have named  Woven Star. This quilt is embroidered with the Toy Trucks set of designs from Hatched in Africa. 

Woven Star Quilt
This quilt measures 44 inches square. I have written a tutorial that also includes instructions for one to finish at 52 inches square.

You can download the tutorial from HERE

Friday, 8 December 2017

Another mini pop up quilt show

The year is just flying by so quickly and there just not enough hours in the day. This is the first year that I have not done Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. I still have a couple to quilt from the previous year.

Yesterday I delivered 13 more quilts to the local women's shelter. I focused on boys quilts because they always run a little short of those. 

I also made a little video of the pop up quilt show.

I was also very happy to talk to some ladies who attend classes at Stewarts Sewing Machine Centre here in Devonport and tell them about Bridie's Blossoms and the quilts I make for the women's shelter. I am very pleased and excited to report that we will work together one day a month next year on making quilts for the shelter. Thank you Andrea Broos for giving me the opportunity to do this .This photo I have "borrowed" from Andrea. Some of you may recognize that this quilt was stitched using the lovely 14th Anniversary set of deigns that were available from BFC Creations.

I went for another of my scheduled check ups two weeks ago and I am very pleased and thankful to report  that everything was all fine. Next one is scheduled in 4 months time. Whilst I was at the hospital I also delivered some more of my Bridie's Blossoms early miscarriage keepsake packages.
Bridie's Blossoms Early Miscarriage Keepsake packages.