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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Plus sign quilt

A couple of weeks ago Jade one of my friends  asked me how to easily make a plus sign quilt. We came up with a cutting chart etc. using 4 1/2 inch squares and 12 1/2 inch x 4 1/2 inch rectangles. Jade made her first quilt over a weekend and this is another she has made
Jade's Plus quilt

Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Co has come up with a video tutorial using charm squares. It is a great way to use scraps as well.

If you wish to make a scrappy plus sign quilt using 4 1/2 inch strips you will need for each plus sign
 two (2)     4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches squares and 
one (1)     12 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch rectangle of the same scrap fabric 

If you want to make one using 3 1/2 inch strips you will need for each plus sign
 two (2)     3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch squares and 
  one(1)     9 1/2 inch x 3 1/2 inch rectangle from the same scrap fabric 

We are adding another item to our Bridie's Blossoms packs and that is an embroidered hankie for fathers to have as their own keepsake. The word Dad will be embroidered as shown in either pink. blue or variegated thread for very early gestational size packs. I have managed to source some very reasonable cotton hankies from an overseas online auction site.

What a week!

When I look back over the past week it has gone in a blur.
Last Monday we started replacing the carpet and vinyl in the main living areas of the house. The last of the vinyl was replaced on Friday. All of those cabinets and nits were full and had to packed up, moved and unpacked again.
Lounge before

Lounge after

Saturday night was the first night of the new Lillico Little Penguins guiding season. It was cold but very enjoyable as we saw quite a few penguins emerging for the water. I took the pics below of the sunset

and seaweed on the beach.l I thought these two pieces of sponge looked like the indents in a human brain.

I have been meaning to take a pic looking through this bush to the beach for a while and although this one is good I will continue to take more.
On Sunday Anna( Bridie's Mum) and I had an information stall at the first Tasmanian Pregnancy Loss walkathon. Parents and friends came to walk in memory of their angel babies. It was a very windy day and my lovely satin table skirt would not hold so we had to use unflattering safety pins. We handed out quite a few of our keepsake hankies.

I must say a heartfelt thanks to Rachel who has generously sent these lovely lace angels to be included in future Bridie's Blossom's packs.

I have also finished lining the remaining nine little wooden boxes for the Gateway Church Heavens' Care program. One of our local businesses Jan's Discount Fabrics has generously provided the satin fabric wadding etc to complete these boxes over the last couple of years and continues to do so .

It is probably no surprise that yesterday was spent in my jamas and on the couch. I seem to have picked up an infection and had the chills in bed last night but things are much better today although I am still a bit under the weather. I hope to have the next lots of blocks out in our quilt BOM over the weekend .

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Topsy Turvey House

We are having new carpet and loose lay vinyl tiles put into most of our house except the sewing room starting tomorrow. That means completely clearing rooms, unpacking cupboards and finding things that have not seen the light of day for 20 years, especially all of that glassware we received as wedding gifts 32 years ago. I have decided to use "stuff" and not squirrel it away in case it gets broken.

This morning I finished packing up the eight Bridie's Blossoms boy packages that will be on their way to a hospital in the south of the state during the week courtesy of my two faithful couriers Jade and Kurt.
I have machine embroidered the little vests for these outfits which I have made from a lovely lightweight crepe which will not crush.

Many thanks once again to Anita James of Chrystal Embroidery for the lovely embroidery patterns. I think they look delightful. Unfortunately my photography does not do them justice and the blue buttons match much better than they appear to do.
If anyone is interested the patterns I use for these gowns is in the June 2006 newsletter from Carewear.Org. I use size E for my 37-40 week gowns, size D for the 31-36 weeks and size C for 26-30 weeks. If they are a little large they can be adjusted by the ribbon ties on the back.

We have had some glorious sunsets this past week and I have a few pics for you to see.

I have also to remember to take a photo of the magnificent blooms on the magnolia outside my kitchen window before they disappear for another year.

Tineke stumbled across my blog only five ago and has already stitched out four of the  Stack'Ems blocks from that BOM.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Many things to update you on

I have been busy over the weekend working on a project to help a group out who give little wooden boxes to local hospitals in which to lave their special angel babies who are born up to weeks gestation.  They had initially been lined by a funeral home but it was thought the finish did not convey the love and caring needed for these precious boxes.

An example of the original box is below

Many thanks to Anita James of Chrystal Embroidery for allowing me to use one of her background quilting designs. Photos of one of my boxes are below
Finished Box

Embroidered Coverlet

Base of Box

Inside lid of box

We are starting to sending out the Bridie's Blossoms infant loss keepsake hankies around Australia as word spreads that these lovely little family heirlooms are available.

 The latest blocks in my three BOMs have gone out.
 First up is Block 2 of HIA Forest Owls

Block 4 of Polka Dot Giraffes and

 finally Block 7 & of HIA Stack'Ems

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Free Online Embroidery Class

Just a quick post to alert you to a free online mini machine embroidery class being offered on Craftsy. You also have access to the embroidery designs that are used during the class and two of them are below. The class involves techniques for embroidering on towels, pillowcases, kitchen tea towels etc. I am sure that you will be able to pick up many techniques that you will find useful.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I am still here but very busy

It has been a week since I last posted and time has flown by. One minute it is Friday and before you know it next Friday has arrived. I ended up with a sinus infection at the beginning of the week and that has kept me pretty quiet  but I have a list of jobs as long as your arm to do. We have decided to recarpet the house and put new vinyl tiles in the laundry and bathrooms. It is going to be a big job because we have lots of furniture and all of those dolls and things to move. That will more than likely be some time next week or the week after. We are not doing the sewing room though (what a terrible thought).

I am also replenishing 6 packages of the older little boys sizes of Bridie's Blossoms for a hospital as they seem to have had a few little boy angels recently which is very sad. I am also making over 200 of the little embroidered  hankies to give away to mothers who have lost their little babies at two local support events in October.

Shirley has sent in a pic of another Aristocat's quilt she has done.

Shirley's Aristocat quilt

Nelda has completed Block 1 of her Forest Owls Quilt. she has used scrappy colours but it is all tied together because of the black and white in the flying geese. Looks fabulous so you can use your stash with a few pieces of fabric that tie it all together.
Nelda's Forest Owls Block 1
I will be doing some more blocks to send out in our BOM's over the weekend once I get organised with some of the Bridie's Blossoms pieces.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My Mum's lovely quilt and my ever present helpers

My Mum has been doing  hand stitched candlewick embroidery for years so when I donated the embellished cat quilt for the Alzheimer's Tasmania raffle she decided to donate one of the baby quilt she has done. I decided I had better take some photographs of it before it went. It is so difficult to photograph tone on one but think I have got some good closeups.

While I have been flying solo this week the spring cleaning has been powering on. I am doing our bedroom today, Thursday, so thought I would get  a head start last night by pulling my chest of drawers away from the wall vacuuming behind it and generally tidying up my clothes etc.  This chest of drawers belonged to one of our great grandparents so it is heavy. I took the drawers out to make it easier to move as it just about come up to all my five feet height and who decided to have a bit of a look, my two helpful assistants. They are sitting here ready to go again today. Worse than having two toddlers helping.