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Bridie's Blessings

Bridie's Blessings is a sister group to Bridie’s Blossoms which you can find the link to at the top of the blog page.

The mission of Bridie's Blessings is to make and gift lap sized quilts to women and children who tragically find themselves in the position where they need to seek safe haven  in a women's shelter.

A local shelter likes to give a blanket/quilt to those seeking their help so this can amount to quite a few a week. If you can knit or crochet squares that are around 25cm of side length we can stitch them together into rugs. If you are a quilter, lap quilts would be ideal but colourful cheerful quilts of most sizes would be more than welcome.

As I make up lap quilt I will post the instructions so that yu can make your own lap quilts to provide many peole with much needed comfort.

For more information please contact me here

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