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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Weekly Update

This week has been a busy one back at school and consequently not much sewing has been done. I have spent the last few days organising my new computer , a birthday present from my husband, and that has been a big task.

The zebra BOM has been huming along with 6 Blocks now being sent out to those participating.

Two ladies have sent pics of their giraffe quilts. It is fantastic to see how people change colour palette and design layouts to achieve a whole new look. Keep sending me pics of your completed work as it gives others the inspiration to continue and complete their works of art.
Anita's Giraffe Quilt top

Marg's Giraffe Quilt Top

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Zebra Quilt Top Finished and Table Topper Variations

Zebra BOM Quilt Top
I have finished the zebra BOM quilt top. I wanted to get the main design section out of the way before I started back at school. Lessons for Blocks 1-4 have been sent and hopefully will have another out in the  next day or so .

Hexagonal table topper with strip pieced border

Hexagonal table topper with strip pieced border

Octagonal table topper with fussy cut centre
I spent yesterday working on some variations to the hexagonal/octagonal swirly table toppers I made last weekend. With these table toppers I strip pieced  3 x 1.5 inch strips and added them to the hexagon or octagon shape. With the red/white and black one I only added one row but with the green/pink version I added two rows to achieve that effect. The steps outlined in the tutorial from last weekend are still the same but this time you only need to worry about the one colour strip.

Monday, 17 September 2012

BOM update

This morning I am posting some progress on the various BOM's I have been doing.
The Giraffe BOM is completed and all lessons have been sent out.

Zebra BOM Row 1
I have just sent out Block 3 in the Zebra BOM and I have taken a pic of the first three blocks joined together. This quilt is a companion to the giraffe BOM.

Hen House Antique Rose Squares BOM

I have also sent out the layout for the Hen House Antique Squares BOM. The border fabric is still to arrive in stores so it will be while before this quilt is finished.
Shirley has finished her quilt top already.
Shirley's Antique Rose Squares Quilt top

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hexagonal/Octagonal Swirly Table Topper-Tutorial Uploaded

Hexagonal Table Topper

Ocatagonal Table Topper
Today has been very productive. I have been using my skills in geometry to design and make these two table toppers/ placemats. They can be made as large as you like by just adding more rows around the outside. I just cut 2 1/2 inch wide strips and kept on adding them around the initial shape, be it octagon or hexagon. You could also do the same thing with a square . The secret to getting the swirling effect is to add the strips in the one direction.
I used a new iris design by Kenny Kreations. I bought one design and changed the colour palette. The green/purple octagonal topper is more traditional than the modern black/ white and red one even though the same embroidery design is used. The grid colour was changed to black and the iris now has red tonings.

You can find the tutorial with included templates for both table toppers HERE

Saturday, 15 September 2012

UFO in progress

Baltimore Quilt Top
Whilst cleaning up some of my clutter during the week I discovered 7 blocks I had made about 4 years ago  for the Kenny Kreations Baltimore quilt. Think I gave up on it with the multi hooping etc but since I have my new Brother  PR1000 decided to get them out and finish off the quilt. I didn't fancy embroidering 31 or so sashing pieces so came up with my own border design and used plain fabric for 1 inch sashing. I also discovered that I had not purchased enough block designs to finish the quilt so bit the bullet and took advantage of Kenny Kreations sale. I love the vase and basket and managed to split the design and rearrange them for the large PR1000 360 x 360 split hoop. I also have put together a corner design from one of the blocks. The designs are embroidered on pale mottled yellow fabric from Maywood. It is a bit hard to see that in these photos.

I ams ure that sonme of you have started this quilt and not finihsed. If you would like me to give you instructions on how to put this version together please email me.
Baltimore Vase

Baltimore basket

Corner Design For Sashing

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Block Sashing Tutorial

I have written a reference document with common block sizes and also have devised a generic formula so that if you wish to make embroidered blocks(any size both square and rectangular) and sash them similar to those in the Sweet Pea Duckie Quilt you can. You can download the document from HERE

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

BOM Round Up

Today I have been embroidering some pillowcases as gifts for the children and grandchildren of my friends ,think they are getting their orders in before I leave at the end of the year. Will have some pics up later on in the week.

Have also nearly finished a ready reckoner table on how long to cut strips of 3 size widths to go around various sizes of blocks as used in my Sweet Pea Duckie baby quilt. Will have that up on the blog tomorrow, either as a post or as a Google docs download.

I also have some fantastic giraffe quilt masterpieces to share with you. The first is by Betty. I just love the different colour combinations using the various batiks she has chosen.

Betty's Giraffe Quilt

Maureen is making a table runner and wall hanging and using drapery fabric. I think that you will all agree with me that they are looking very elegant elegant especially with the rich texture of the fabrics.
Maureen's giraffe projects

Monday, 10 September 2012

Sweet Pea Duckie Quilt- Tutorial

Sweet Pea Duckie Quilt

I have made a quilt for one of the ladies at school who is having a baby at the end of the year.
I have made a tutorial for the quilt and you can download it from HERE

I could not make up my mind what theme to do until I saw these Sweet Pea Duckie designs by Embroidery Connection yesterday. I embroidered the blocks yesterday and quilted the quilt and finished it off this morning. I have made about four baby quilts using this layout. Once the blocks are together the top is finished. The quilt layout lends itself so well to showcasing embroidered blocks. It would look just as nice embroidered in a 2x3 layout as well.
Pieced quilt backing

Machine stitched quilt binding
I pieced the backing using offcuts from the block border strips and also completely machine stitched the binding.
Kenny Kreations Santa using the same block design

I have also made a wall hanging using the same type of layout. You just have to do a few calculations to get your strip lengths and widths to work together. If anyone wants me to publish the calculations for different sized blocks please let me know.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Two weeks of vacation and blog follower updates

Today is he first day  of my two weeks of school holidays. This will be my last lot of school holidays and having to go back for a new term before I finish at the end of the year.  This morning I thought I would share some wonderful pics that peole have been sending me of their projects made from my free BOM's etc.

Sharon's wall hanging using some of the Giraffe BOM blocks
The first is from Sharon who has made this fantastic wall hanging using some of the giraffe blocks from the Giraffe BOM.

Blackwork Roses Quilt by Kaye
The Blackwork Roses quilt by Kaye is very striking.

Sharan's blackwork Rose quilt
 Sharan has also made a Blackwork Rose quilt and used a slightly different colour combination. I envy Sharan's quilting ability. She has done a fabulous job on this quilt.

Pam's Blackwork Roses Quilt
The Blackwork Roses quilt is the first that Pam has done all herself from start to finish and I think you will all agree with me that she has done a great job.

Sheryl's 10 minute table runner variation with embroidered inserts and prairie points

Sheryl's 10 minute table runner variation with tube quilting insert
Sheryl has made some tablerunners using my 10 minute table runner variation project downloads.

Linda B's Bloomin Art Nouveau Quilt Top
Kaye's Bloomin Art Nouveau Quilt Top
Kaye and Linda B have both made quilt tops using the Blooming Art Nouveau project download.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Giraffe Quilt Finished

Giraffe BOM
I have finished the giraffe quilt BOM and will have the final instructions out to those who are signed up to receive the free lessons over the weekend. I will also take a photo in the daylight as well as some close ups of the designs etc.  I will also try and get another block out in the Zebra BOM.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Father's Day and Giraffe Quilt

Giraffe BOM quilt
It is Father's Day here in Australia and a time for reflection and reminiscing for our family after the loss of our beloved Dad three weeks ago. My husband and I had a lovely meal cooked by my Mum but it was tinged with sadness as there was an empty spot at the head of the table.

I have started quilting my giraffe quilt but it is not really going according to plan but I have forged on and will look good with the 3 foot rule. (If it looks OK from 3 feet away it will do). We have two weeks of school holidays coming up a the end of the coming week and I have a few sewing projects planned. This is my last school holidays before I retire at the end of the year.

Just a reminder that if you are not doing the giraffe quilt and wish to do the zebra quilt just send me an email.