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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Zebra Quilt Top Finished and Table Topper Variations

Zebra BOM Quilt Top
I have finished the zebra BOM quilt top. I wanted to get the main design section out of the way before I started back at school. Lessons for Blocks 1-4 have been sent and hopefully will have another out in the  next day or so .

Hexagonal table topper with strip pieced border

Hexagonal table topper with strip pieced border

Octagonal table topper with fussy cut centre
I spent yesterday working on some variations to the hexagonal/octagonal swirly table toppers I made last weekend. With these table toppers I strip pieced  3 x 1.5 inch strips and added them to the hexagon or octagon shape. With the red/white and black one I only added one row but with the green/pink version I added two rows to achieve that effect. The steps outlined in the tutorial from last weekend are still the same but this time you only need to worry about the one colour strip.


  1. I just got to do the one you describe as fussy cut center in Christmas colors with an embroidery in the center. I wish I could start on it now but I'm doing a small quilt for our guild's QOV. They want 20 to go to the local Veterans Hospital. So I'm putting it on my list of to do's. Shirley

  2. Thankyoufor these toppers I am going to do one in semantics for next Christmas