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Friday, 7 September 2012

Two weeks of vacation and blog follower updates

Today is he first day  of my two weeks of school holidays. This will be my last lot of school holidays and having to go back for a new term before I finish at the end of the year.  This morning I thought I would share some wonderful pics that peole have been sending me of their projects made from my free BOM's etc.

Sharon's wall hanging using some of the Giraffe BOM blocks
The first is from Sharon who has made this fantastic wall hanging using some of the giraffe blocks from the Giraffe BOM.

Blackwork Roses Quilt by Kaye
The Blackwork Roses quilt by Kaye is very striking.

Sharan's blackwork Rose quilt
 Sharan has also made a Blackwork Rose quilt and used a slightly different colour combination. I envy Sharan's quilting ability. She has done a fabulous job on this quilt.

Pam's Blackwork Roses Quilt
The Blackwork Roses quilt is the first that Pam has done all herself from start to finish and I think you will all agree with me that she has done a great job.

Sheryl's 10 minute table runner variation with embroidered inserts and prairie points

Sheryl's 10 minute table runner variation with tube quilting insert
Sheryl has made some tablerunners using my 10 minute table runner variation project downloads.

Linda B's Bloomin Art Nouveau Quilt Top
Kaye's Bloomin Art Nouveau Quilt Top
Kaye and Linda B have both made quilt tops using the Blooming Art Nouveau project download.

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