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Monday, 30 September 2013

How is this for an idea?

I have been looking everywhere for a print to go in the spare room at my daughter's house that coordinates with the black and white quilts that  I made using the Giraffe and Zebra black work series from BFC Creations. My husband has painted the walls a pale cream colour since this pic was taken.

I then had the idea of using an image exported from Embird of the Giraffe head in the embroidery design set and having it printed on canvas. I uploaded the image to the online canvas printing company, chose the 30cm x 45 cm (12inch x 18inches) size and they have a preview of what the image will look printed on canvas on different coloured walls.
I am sure that if you have the design set, export  the image from Embird and do not sell your canvas prints but use them for your personal use you will not get into trouble with copyright. I am sure that there are many design that we have used in quilts that can be exported as images and then used for printing.
To do this in Embird Manager bring up the design
Right panel- Export-Export Image.
I chose the highest resolution of 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels and saved the image as a jpeg

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Cats on Quilts

Thought I would tidy up my cutting table and get my feathered star quilt out to get the back put on last night but my plans were thwarted by two furry felines.
Do you expect us to move Mum?
We are just going to look the other way and hope you go away
Nope we are not going anywhere

Misty got up early this morning to stake her place again for the day. What could be better than laying in the morning sun on Mum's stuff!

Hints and Tips 16 - One Thread Sewing

Hope you like this hint and tip for today. I am about to go and get into my pj's and curl up on the couch with my kitty cats in front of the TV and be waited on for the rest of my birthday. Had a lovely lunch at my Mum's.

One Thread Sewing- a great little technique

One thread sewing is a technique used by bridal dressmakers etc on sheer fabrics such as chiffons, laces etc .

It is particularly useful for darts in sheer fabrics in heirloom sewing for folded tucks that start part way down a piece of fabric. This technique eliminates the tail of thread at the beginning which are difficult to end of in a way which is pleasing to the eye.

The one drawback is that you must repeat the threading procedure each time you make a new dart or tuck

Sewing a dart
1.   Remove the top thread from your sewing machine
2.   Ensure that the bobbin thread is coming up through the throat plate of the mach.
3.   Thread the needle backwards i.e. from the flat back side of the needle through to the front so effectively back to front through the eye.
4.   Remove the needle if you are unable to thread it from back to front with the needle in place. 
5.   Replace the needle back in the machine as you would normally
                          I would not use the machine's needle threader here.
6.   Ensure that the  thread comes out the centre of the foot
7.   Take a loop of the thread in your hand pulling a fair length of thread out from the bobbin and effectively working backwards from the needle threading the machine up as you would normally
8.   Once you have finished threading the machine pull the tail of the thread taut and leave it hanging off a  hook or wind onto a bobbin or similar at the top of the machine. As you pull ,the bobbin should unwind and you need to ensure that you have enough to sew the length of the dart.
9.   Commence sewing the dart from the point not the wide edge, move the wheel one stitch by hand and do not back stitch as that defeats the purpose of this method.

Sewing a tuck
1.   Bring the bobbin thread up through the fabric where you are going to start your tuck by taking one stitch and then pulling the bobbin thread up.
2.   Repeat steps 2-8 as above for the dart
3.   Lower the presser foot, first stitch by turning the hand wheel as above. If you have a loop as you start sewing lift the presser foot and gently tug on your thread to make it taut again and then continue.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

I have messed up

I received an email this morning from Michelle of the Quilting Gallery saying that people should vote only once and not go to another network such as their mobile phone or tablet with another internet provider as I suggested in my blog post from yesterday. I misunderstood the rules .

I read this on the guidelines page 
Only one vote per IP address, so have your friends and family come by to cast a ballot! You can invite everyone to visit the contest page to vote and enter the give-away, including friends from web forums and Yahoo groups.

When I should have read this on the How to Vote page
One vote per person (based on IP address NOT email address), so have your family and friends cast a ballot for their favourite quilt
This is what I wrote to Michelle and I want to be up front and honest with you all who have voted,

Sorry about that Michelle but I took  the guidelines as meaning that you can only access your ISP once. These day many people have multiple ISP's especially here in Australia where there are many mobile networks due to our internet issues and isolation. I think that in all fairness you need to take down my entry and I will post a retraction on my blog stating that I misunderstood the rules.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Table Toppers Finished- tutorial nearly ready

I have spent today quilting and finishing the table toppers the table toppers that I have called Two For One Tiptop Table Toppers. Just a reminder that from two sets of strips, two embroidered centres and border strips you end up with two 28 inch square table toppers.
Just a reminder that the embroidery designs are BFC1109 Sheer Quilt blocks from BFC Creations
Two For One Tiptop Table Topper 1

Two For One Tiptop Table Topper 2
The table runner is made using the same strip set combination .

 I am presently writing up the tutorial and will start sending them out tomorrow to those who request the instructions. Please send me an email if you wish to receive the instructions for the toppers and runner.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Disappointing News

My sister and her class came 4th in the competition for the iPod's. It was a very close contest. She asked me to pass on her sincerest thanks to each and every one of you who took the time out to vote. I know that some of  you went above and beyond to vote for her and I truly appreciate that. I am encouraged by the many visitors to this blog who support my efforts and have voted as a token of their gratitude.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Please keep voting- we are nearly in the lead -and a new project

Please keep voting as many times as as you can for my sister as she was told this morning by the radio station that she is in the top 5 and making rapid ground. My sincere thanks to all of you who are making this possible as I am sure you are the ones making the difference.
If you go to this website

and in the Drop down box find

Sorell- Colleen Hennessy 
Today I have been working on some simple table toppers and they are simple, using strip piecing. The blocks for both toppers are made from two strip sets and then I added the borders. The pink and green table runner is made in exactly the same way for 50% of the construction.  The designs I have used are BFC1109 Sheer Quilt blocks from BFC Creations. I will be doing the tutorial for these toppers and will have other layout possibilities in that tutorial.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Aren't these the cutest things?

Last Friday I did a day of relief teaching at my former school. One of the subject options offered to the senior students is Business Enterprise where the students plan all aspects of a business including making, marketing and selling the product concept they come up with. A group of three girls have been making and selling these cute cake key rings made from modelling clay. I bought the cupcake and macaroon. Being crafters we can appreciate the effort that goes into making little cuties such as these.

Also just a reminder that voting for my sister and her class to win the iPad and
 IPods finishes this Thursday September 26 Australian time. If anyone has a few spare minutes to vote again I know she would appreciate your help very much.
If you go to this website

and in the Drop down box find

Sorell- Colleen Hennessy 
I am working on some Christmas table toppers using the Hidden Wells block technique of cutting triangles and hope to have something to show you in my next post or two.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Floriade 2013

My husband and my Mum were in Canberra last week and one for the events they attended was the annual Floriade. It was very wet at the beginning of last week but on Wednesday the sun appeared and they visited this magnificent display of spring blooms. These are just some of the pics my husband took with his iPad and I thought I would share them with you. I am going to have some of the pics put onto canvas for my daughter to display on the walls in her house.
My Mum and my daughter

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What is a cat to do?

What is a cat to do when it is raining and  the sun isn't out to go and bask in ? No worries the truck has arrived to clean out the storm water and we have prime viewing position.

Perhaps I could have a go at finishing painting this wall in Mum's sewing room
 but first I will just see if Mum has dusted on top of this door.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Floral Sketches Block 11

It is another dull and dreary day here today and spring seems to have disappeared yet again. I do have Hallie and Misty to talk to as I am on my own for the week with my husband and my Mum going to Canberra to visit our daughter.
Floral Sketches Block 11 has just been sent out to those who are receiving this free BOM using the Floral Sketches designs for Hatched in Africa.
Floral sketches Block 11 5x7

Floral sketches Block 11 6x10
Thank you to those of you who have been voting for my sister I truly appreciate it. My sister sent this message to you all
Thankyou very much, The website crashed on Monday as there were so many voters, but I suppose I have to be in it to win it. I would dearly love my kids to win and it would be good for Sorell School. Keep trying and thanks for your support.

Just a reminder, this is what you need to do if you wish to vote

If you go to this website
and in the Drop down box find

Sorell- Colleen Hennessy

Friday, 13 September 2013

Thank you

Thank you to those who have voted for my sister and her class to receive the iPods if they win. Just a reminder the competition closes on September 26 and you can vote as many time as you like. I sit down and do a few over 15 minute intervals during the day.

If you go to this website
and in the Drop down box find

Sorell- Colleen Hennessy 

I have also had an email from Heather Corbett who is the coordinator  for the state of Victoria here in Australia for Comfort Quilts Against Cancer. Here is part of what she wrote about Comfort Quilts

It is an Australian-wide-internet based group started by a lady in York. W.A. to make and distribute machine embroidered [lap] quilts to ladies who have been diagnosed with, and are having treatment for, breast cancer in regional Australia.

We are looking for ladies who have embroidery machines who would embroider on a 14in square pastel homespun, designs of their choice, flowers birds, hearts etc, and post to us to be made into these quilts. You can fit 3 squares into a business size envelope, postage 60

There is a Facebook page, as well as a yahoo group, where photo’s of these finished quilts may be seen.

I appreciate any help you may be able to offer. Heather Corbett. Victorian co-ordinator
The Facebook page can be found here. You do not have to be a member of Facebook to view the page. If you wish t have any further info I can pass Heather's email address on to you.

Perhaps this great new free design from Urban Threads called Daydream Love could be used on such a block especially if you stitch out the largest size.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Your Help

If anyone has a few spare minutes I would like your help. My sister who is a kindergarten teacher is in a competition called Apple for the Teacher. The teacher with the most votes wins and iPad plus an iPod for every student in the class.
If you go to this website
and in the Drop down box find
Sorell- Colleen Hennessy 
It appears that you can vote as many times as you like. It odes ask for as postcode so if you live outside of Australia you can use mine 7310

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Bits and Pieces

 I have been battling residual pain from my various bouts of shingles for over the past two weeks now and it is not improving much. This time it is around my torso on the right hand side of my body. Think I need to takes things very slowly and easy for the next few weeks so not much lesson writing or sewing will be done. Will have to curl up on the couch with my kitties.

Fons and Porter are giving away another fabulous E Book. This time it is on Scrap quilts so make sure you hop on over and pick that one up.

Ageless Embroidery are giving away a gorgeous basket design in a few sizes so make sure you pick that one up.

Monday, 9 September 2013

New Family Members

My husband and I took a trip to the RSPCA yesterday and adopted two new family members. We decided to get two cats that need a loving new home. They were housed in the one pen, two lovely girls just over a year old. Misty is the long haired black cat and Hallie is the gorgeous tabby with ginger/caramel tones. They are very loving towards each other although they have not grown up together.Misty had a little bit of a fur ball cough and Hallie came over to her and gently put her paw on her to see if she was OK. This is Hallie's second home after being adopted as a kitten. She got returned as she did not get on with young children.
We have had a good first day/night. They only galloped up the hallway once during the night to make sure we were still there.
Misty is much more laid back and Hallie has been desperately trying to eat our Cockatiel Charlie but some orange oil around the table he is sitting on seems to have scared them off for a while until we get some citrus spray.
They just love my sewing room. Think it may be a fight to see who has the best spot on our bed tonight.
These two cats are not going to be allowed outside and we are going to build an enclosed  cat run when my husband and my Mum come back from visiting my daughter in Canberra at the end of next week.



Sunday, 8 September 2013

Lavender and Lime Floral Dreams Quilt Finished

I have finished the Lavender and Lime Floral Dreams Quilt and have just sent out the tutorial to those who have asked for it.

I should really have taken the wrinkles out of it before taking a pic. I have had it bundled up in my sewing room for a couple of days.

A couple of people have asked for the directions on how to make the Zoo friend quilt
I have just finished for my friend Belinda. I will just do a small update of the Pierrot quilt with sashing sizes etc if anyone is interested.

I also have a pic sent in by Elaine who has done a lovely Pierrot quilt using their own pattern layout. Elaine has also used the nine patch to showcase her embroidery designs as I have in the Lavender and Lime Floral Dreams Quilt.