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Monday, 30 September 2013

How is this for an idea?

I have been looking everywhere for a print to go in the spare room at my daughter's house that coordinates with the black and white quilts that  I made using the Giraffe and Zebra black work series from BFC Creations. My husband has painted the walls a pale cream colour since this pic was taken.

I then had the idea of using an image exported from Embird of the Giraffe head in the embroidery design set and having it printed on canvas. I uploaded the image to the online canvas printing company, chose the 30cm x 45 cm (12inch x 18inches) size and they have a preview of what the image will look printed on canvas on different coloured walls.
I am sure that if you have the design set, export  the image from Embird and do not sell your canvas prints but use them for your personal use you will not get into trouble with copyright. I am sure that there are many design that we have used in quilts that can be exported as images and then used for printing.
To do this in Embird Manager bring up the design
Right panel- Export-Export Image.
I chose the highest resolution of 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels and saved the image as a jpeg

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