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Friday, 13 September 2013

Thank you

Thank you to those who have voted for my sister and her class to receive the iPods if they win. Just a reminder the competition closes on September 26 and you can vote as many time as you like. I sit down and do a few over 15 minute intervals during the day.

If you go to this website
and in the Drop down box find

Sorell- Colleen Hennessy 

I have also had an email from Heather Corbett who is the coordinator  for the state of Victoria here in Australia for Comfort Quilts Against Cancer. Here is part of what she wrote about Comfort Quilts

It is an Australian-wide-internet based group started by a lady in York. W.A. to make and distribute machine embroidered [lap] quilts to ladies who have been diagnosed with, and are having treatment for, breast cancer in regional Australia.

We are looking for ladies who have embroidery machines who would embroider on a 14in square pastel homespun, designs of their choice, flowers birds, hearts etc, and post to us to be made into these quilts. You can fit 3 squares into a business size envelope, postage 60

There is a Facebook page, as well as a yahoo group, where photo’s of these finished quilts may be seen.

I appreciate any help you may be able to offer. Heather Corbett. Victorian co-ordinator
The Facebook page can be found here. You do not have to be a member of Facebook to view the page. If you wish t have any further info I can pass Heather's email address on to you.

Perhaps this great new free design from Urban Threads called Daydream Love could be used on such a block especially if you stitch out the largest size.

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