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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Maukie the Cat has gone missing

Some of you have probably noticed that Maukie the cat widget that once resided on my blog is no longer there. Unfortunately the company that hosted the widget such as the cat no longer is doing so and as a result Maukie is no longer displayed. I will have to look around and see if I can replace him.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

A day of lesson writing

Yesterday was spent with my backside firmly planted in the chair at my computer writing up BOM instructions.

The last block, Block 17 lesson has been sent out for the Sassy Cats BOM and the construction pdf should be ready later on today to be sent out.
Sassy Cats Block 17

Block 13 of the Graceful BOM was sent out and there is only one more to go with that as well along with the construction pdf
Graceful Block 13

Block 46 of the Crazy quilt BOM was also sent out and there will be more of those later on this week. I took time off from making the baby items to get some crazy blocks embellished and the lessons written as people have been asking for them. It is great that people are keeping up with those and I hope to see some pics of all of those blocks soon.
Crazy Quilt Block 46

Lexie has just completed the top of her Giraffe quilt and is going to put a small inner border and then a scrappy piano key outer border on.
Lexie's Giraffe Quilt

She stitched out the giraffe set form Sew Swell designs.We modified one of the blocks and added another row down the right hand side so that it will fit a queen sized bed. If anyone wants to know the modifications I may get time to write them up in the next few weeks. Just drop me an email.
Elizabeth has been stitching out the Graceful BOM and this is one of her blocks
Elizabeth's Graceful Block 6

Friday, 28 March 2014

A trip to the dentist and more progress on my project

Today I have had one of my molars removed so that was not pleasant. Feeling sore and sorry for myself. The bad news is my teeth and sinuses do not like each other at all and have not for years even though we have tried to coax them by spending thousands and thousands of dollars on them so looks like the end might be near for them.

On a more positive note my Bridie's Blossoms packs are well and truly at the wrapping stage and the first delivery will be made on Monday. There are 9 girl and 9 boy packs for this first delivery. Anna,(Bridie's Mum) and I will deliver them together. The next delivery will be made a week into  April.

Each pack has between 11 and 14 pieces in it depending on the age. Some of the older gestational  packs are below

 Once again we have had some lovely sunrises during the week.

I have also completed the next block in the embellished Cat BOM and will hopefully ready to send out tomorrow if I am feeling up to par.
Embellished Cats BOM Block 4

Monday, 24 March 2014

More stitching and stuffing

Yesterday was another busy day as I was finalising the Bridie's Blossoms packs for the 17-25 week gestational age range. These packs have the  little flannel blanket and also have two quilt/blankets with one of them being the smaller keepsake  mini quilt. Once again I am putting together 6 of each of these and I am just about there for these.

I am going to try and digitize the outline of the little tabard I have designed so that it is done in the hoop. My digitizing skills are very very rudimentary so we shall see how I go.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Busy Sunday

As the days draw in and it is still dark at 6.30 it is harder to get out of bed. We have got another beautiful sunrise this morning.

Yesterday was taken up with packaging up and adding final touches to some of my Bridie's Blossoms items and today I will be working on the next sizes up. The little crocheted booties are open heeled so that they can be just slid on and tied at the back. The pattern can be found on this  website. If you want  a larger pair make the version on this page but do not. sew up the heel

I put together 6 boy packages  and 6 girl packages for  0-16 weeks..

Saturday, 22 March 2014

A week of beautiful sunsets and sunrises

I have been busily sewing my Bridie's Blossom items this week and can almost package up the first batch to be delivered. I will have some pics tomorrow or Monday.

It has been a week of glorious sunrises and sunsets with a beautiful full moon also.

I have also sent out Block 16 in the Sassy Cats BOM
Sassy Cats BOM Block 16

 and Block 12 in the  Graceful BOM.
Graceful BOM Block 12

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Another lovely sunrise this morning.

This week is just flying by. Last Saturday night we did our weekly penguin guiding volunteer work. The sunset was beautiful and I took some pics in the car as we traveled out to Lillico Beach. We also saw the space station at around 9.00 and we tracked it for about 6 minutes.

Sunday morning we had a mountain climber in our midst.

Tuesday was a trip to the dentist, my most favourite pastime and a visit with a friend. The remainder of my week so far has been spent making and finishing items for my Bridie's Blossoms project. I have decided that this project will be self funded by myself and and close friends. That way we do not have to jump through the hoops involved with setting up a charity but more importantly  do not have to deal with the inevitable negative  few individuals  who take exception to decisions that are made. A selection of some of the items are photographed  below.

I am  not going to be sending out any new blocks this week as I concentrate on my sewing.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Black, Red(perhaps orange) and White Day

Today seems to have been a day that has  been dominated by black red (or orange) and white. First up we had a sunrise tinged with orange/blue and grey hues.

I have worked on Block 3 of the  Embellished Cat BOM and hope to have the instructions out for r that in a day or so if not before.

The March Block of the ProjectHouse360 BOM has been released and I have stitched out my block. I am doing my quilt using the red/black and white colour palette of course.

As we go into Autumn the Amaryllis or Belladonna lilies come into flower. This gorgeous orange/red tinged one has come into flower in my garden.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pics to Share

Today  I have some pics to share of my travels out an about. First up I have the pics I took last  Saturday night whilst down with the penguins. 
This little penguin has been moulting also  and you can see all of the he has taken out lining the entrance to his burrow.
Moulting Little Penguin

The sunset was fabulous that night as well. 
Lillico  Beach Sunset

Today my sewing buddy neighbour and I took a trip to Launceston and we had a lovely lunch down at the  Seaport on the banks of the Tamar River.

Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania and unfortunately the river battles silt problems and when the tide is out the river is very shallow as you will see in some picss further down.
While we were having outside on the deck 3 gorgeous swans came swimming along and decided stop underneath where we were sitting.
Swans at Launceston Seaport

Even though they came along swimming they stood up in the water as it was so shallow and started to clean themselves. I tried a couple of times to take a pic of this swan with his wings extended out.

Also there to entertain us were two little brown ducks