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Saturday, 29 March 2014

A day of lesson writing

Yesterday was spent with my backside firmly planted in the chair at my computer writing up BOM instructions.

The last block, Block 17 lesson has been sent out for the Sassy Cats BOM and the construction pdf should be ready later on today to be sent out.
Sassy Cats Block 17

Block 13 of the Graceful BOM was sent out and there is only one more to go with that as well along with the construction pdf
Graceful Block 13

Block 46 of the Crazy quilt BOM was also sent out and there will be more of those later on this week. I took time off from making the baby items to get some crazy blocks embellished and the lessons written as people have been asking for them. It is great that people are keeping up with those and I hope to see some pics of all of those blocks soon.
Crazy Quilt Block 46

Lexie has just completed the top of her Giraffe quilt and is going to put a small inner border and then a scrappy piano key outer border on.
Lexie's Giraffe Quilt

She stitched out the giraffe set form Sew Swell designs.We modified one of the blocks and added another row down the right hand side so that it will fit a queen sized bed. If anyone wants to know the modifications I may get time to write them up in the next few weeks. Just drop me an email.
Elizabeth has been stitching out the Graceful BOM and this is one of her blocks
Elizabeth's Graceful Block 6

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