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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Please keep voting- we are nearly in the lead -and a new project

Please keep voting as many times as as you can for my sister as she was told this morning by the radio station that she is in the top 5 and making rapid ground. My sincere thanks to all of you who are making this possible as I am sure you are the ones making the difference.
If you go to this website

and in the Drop down box find

Sorell- Colleen Hennessy 
Today I have been working on some simple table toppers and they are simple, using strip piecing. The blocks for both toppers are made from two strip sets and then I added the borders. The pink and green table runner is made in exactly the same way for 50% of the construction.  The designs I have used are BFC1109 Sheer Quilt blocks from BFC Creations. I will be doing the tutorial for these toppers and will have other layout possibilities in that tutorial.


  1. Good luck to your sister Vicki, will spend more time tomorrow voting for her.

  2. Vicki, went and voted this morning and found I didn't need your area code after all. That is a fun set from BFC and I love the colours in the third block you made. My emb machine goes in for cleaning tomorrow and won't have back for 2 weeks. Agh! Will hardly be able to stand the wait. Anne in Colorado