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Friday, 9 January 2015

Forest Owls BOM quilt top finished

I have finished putting together the Forest Owls BOM quilt top. I still have 5 more block lessons to write up and send out to everyone but I needed to get this finished before I get full swing into the costume making. Th BOM was put together with 12 embroidery designs.

Hatched in Africa Forest Owls BOM

Just a little reminder that although my lessons are free to everyone they are still my intellectual property and not be used as a teaching tool in a class that has a fee for tuition attached. You are more than welcome to use them in a class but you must not charge for teaching the techniques provided in the lessons.Charging a fee whilst using my materials is not the spirit in which I intend for them to be used. My lessons format is very distinctive and they may not also be copied, modified and distributed in a class without my prior permission. I have many people who use the projects as fund raisers etc within their stitchery groups and I am more than welcome for them to be used but please send me a courtesy email prior letting me know what you wish to do. 

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