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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lillico Beach Little Penguin Season

We have been going every Saturday night as volunteer guide at the Lillico Beach conservation area since the new season for the year started mid September. At the moment the penguins are nesting and we are hopeful of having chicks in approximately 4-5 weeks time. The little penguin have some large driftwood to negotiate if they want to come up their ladder this year. The driftwood has increased in size with some of the rough wether we have had over the last few months. Penguins take their bearings from landforms and driftwood placement  etc so we do not move it. Last night we saw about 10 penguins come ashore while we were there whilst some eagle eyed children spied some others courting each under the platform
Driftwood on Lillico Beach
As we arrive at the platform just before sunset the sky changes rapidly.

The Spirit of Tasmania can be just seen as it starts to nudge past Don Heads on its nightly crossing across Bass Strait to  Melbourne.

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