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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I have done it again

Looks like my post about saving an image from my embroidery software and having it printed as a canvas to hang on the wall to coordinate with the machine embroidered quilt using the same design has unleashed a stack of unkind emails berating me for daring to suggest this.
I would just make the comment that it must be very difficult for those who emailed me to use printed templates/images of the very same designs in designing and stitching out your embroidery projects.
Perhaps I could use my time more wisely working on my own projects and not share my thoughts on how to make our machine embroidery experiences more enjoyable and dare I say it more innovative and out of the box. 


  1. wait a minute here. It seems to me that you already have the embroidery design in your possession. I assume you either purchased it or it was a freebie.

    What earthly difference does it make if you even stitched out the design??? If you purchased the design, the digitizer got her money. If it was a freebie, there still isn't a problem, as far as I can see.

    Personally, I think it's a brilliant idea to coordinate/replicate the designs from the machine embroidery *that you put in the quilt* onto wall art.

    As you mentioned, it's still for your own personal use. You aren't claiming it was your design; in fact, you have credited the digitizer and even provided a link to the website for others to get their own copy of the design.

    Not having been able to read the emails you've received, I just can't fathom what the objections are.

    Heck, now I can even envision taking that design printout, enlarging it and *hand embroidering* the design onto a base fabric for other decorative uses ... throw pillows, pillow shams, window valances ... when the largest machine embroidery design in the set just isn't large enough for your project.

    Personally, I think your idea is simply splendid. :-)

    1. I think the idea is great. You have such a creative yet logical mind.

  2. Not stop your postings. I enjoy reading about different items and if one does not get upset at vacation photos on a blog (I don't) then why should anyone get upset at your recent blog on art creation. Please keep it up and it is easy to scroll down if anyone is not interested in any particular portion or blog post.

  3. You have purchased the design to use. and you have. there were no restrictions of this type when you bought it. I dont know the reasoning behind the objections. but they are faulty. you did a great job.

  4. Don't let the haters get to you. There are always some in every crowd. I don't know if this is possible, if you can, block them so their comments aren't shown and their emails don't get through.

  5. Wow I thought that was an absolute genius of an idea and have been pondering doing the same thing with some of my quilts. Even contacted a couple of printers in my area. I can only say that since finding your blog I have become a better embroiderer and look at things a lot differently. So for that I thank you Vicki and please don't let the *&$%^&'s get to you there are more good people in the world who enjoy what you do

  6. please don't let them discourage you. I alway enjoy your blogs.

  7. Please consider ignoring these folks that don't understand copyright laws, that includes not posting about their comments....boring!

  8. I for one enjoy your suggestions, you are a very creative and I thank you for sharing. For some reason some people feel they are entitled to vent their negativity, they should practice my mother's saying "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all"