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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hints and Tips 19- Removing Blue Washaway Marker -Use Spray Starch

As we were doing the heirloom workshop yesterday I reminded the ladies that the easiest way to remove blue washaway pen especially when doing heirloom sewing is just to spray the pen mark with spray starch. We use lots of spray starch to press our laces and batiste etc so it just make sense to spray the marks, leave for a few minutes and then press dry. The same process also applies to any cotton patchwork fabric although you may have to let is sit for a little longer before you press.
The question also arose about the use of Frixion pens. I would not use them for heirloom sewing because we have not had them in use for the extended period of time that we have had wash away markers. I have been using wash away markers for over 20 years so know about their long lasting properties. We do not have this knowledge about Frixion pens as yet.

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