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Friday, 4 October 2013

Finishing the F's

With all the rough weather we have had all week I have bunkered down and finished some quilts. I have quilted and bound my 6x10 design size Floral Sketches BOM using the Floral Sketches 2 set from Hatched in Africa. I still have the quilt using the 5x7 to quilt and bind. I still have 3 more blocks to write instructions for and send out for this BOM.
Floral Sketches 2 BOM  using 6x10 designs
I have also finished my Hoopsisters Feathered Star. Although this is a 10 month program the four square stars are duplicates and so I went ahead and finished the quilt after Month 8 when the last 9 square star was available. I have been working on the border blocks for quite some time. This is a large quilt and it was difficult to take  a good pic of it. The majority of the fabrics I used in the quilt are batiks. I am also doing the same quilt with just the embrideries and not adding the batik applique.


  1. Love your Feathered Star quilt, can't wait to make this when it becomes available.