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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hints and Tips 17 - Folding and storing fabric

One of the most troublesome we have as lovers of fabric is how to fold and store it so that we can easily see what we have, access it, use what we want of it and then return it to its storage location.
When we did the mini makeover in my sewing room at the beginning of last year we bought a lot of inexpensive book shelves and stacked them together in various combinations. Some we have laid on their side.

You decide how you wish to have your fabric stacked.
Cut your template to the size of the stack you want but make it about an inch smaller all the way around to allow for the fullness and thickness of the fabric. I use off cuts of foam core board

Lay the template on the fabric so that you can use it to fold the length of your fabric around. It des not matter that it is not he full width of the fabric if you fold it carefully.

Once you have reached the length of your fabric pull the template out and place it on top of your folded fabric.
In most cases you may to only make on fold from selvedge to fabric but if you have to make 3 folds then fold each side to the centre.
Once you have folded your fabric to go in the stack, place the template at the bottom and slide the stack in to the compartment. Whenever you remove fabric use the template on the base to put it back in the stack.
Follow the same principal to create different template sizes for different size stacks.
The same principal applies when stacking fabric in a cupboard.
Most of the time when I remove fabric and only want to cut a couple of strips for example I only unfold the amount  I require making it much easier to fold over and place back when I have finished with it.


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