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Saturday, 11 June 2011

A week of blogging and a new spiral scarf

Crochet Spiral Scarf

They say one week is a long time in politics and here in Australia they also say that a week is a long time in football. I have had this blog for a week and I have enjoyed posting all that I have done so far. I have also been very surprised with the number of visitors my pages have had. Approximately 3000 visits in the first week is very surprising and humbling.
 I hope to continue with regular posts and updates after I return to school in a week's time and would like to publish more tutorials and projects. It must be the educator in me.

I have plans for more aprons, bags, quilts and some children's clothing. Please let me know what you would like to see as I have had very little personal feedback.

As for my scarf, this scarf was easy to make and you do not really need a pattern once you understand what is happening. Basically the scarf spirals because you keep working two new stitches into every stitch from the previous row . There are many free patterns out there if you do a search for ruffle or spiral crochet scarf.

In the next few posts I have another vintage apron to share along with its pattern when I get that done. I have updated and modified the folded fabric scissor holder as well as finishing the red, white and blue embroidered quilt.

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  1. Just found your blog today. I do like the tutes you've shown so far or are planning. For this scarf, I'd suggest posting a link to the source you used or the directions to make it the way you did. I am not super proficient in knitting, but I can follow directions and this is a scarf I'd like to make for my daughters. I'm a quilter, but many of us are 'Jills of all trades' and I enjoy a variety of easy projects that would make great gifts for any age....I will be signing up as a follower, as I'd like to see more of what you do...have a great week!