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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Inserting a circle into fabric for embroidery -Tutorial

Rose block with insert

Bed runner

After procrastinating for many months I finally decided on a design for the first runner I wanted to make for our bed. I bought a bedspread during the summer that I could co-ordinate many patterns and designs with and not look out of place or too dominant.
The Quilt Show is one of my favourite online shows and when I saw special guest Dale Fleming in Episode 704 explain her technique for curves and circles I knew that I had to try it . My plan was to insert a contrast circle into my fabric and then stitch a circular embroidery design around the outside of the contrast circle.
The design I chose for my bed runner was Kenny Kreations Roses are Red design.
I have made a tutorial of the process I used but you may want to have a look at Dale's book called Pieced Curves So Simple for the most accurate and more detailed information.
You can find the tutorial here. However, you will need to copy each page as a png or bitmap. Right click-Save picture as.

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  1. Wow Vicki, that is gorgeous, another something to put in the "Ron" list.