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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Baby -Toddler Apron/Bib/Feeder

Baby Toddler Bib/Apron/Feeder
Back of Bib/Apron
Sleeve of Bib/Apron
Bib/Apron with Front Pocket
I have been working on another vintage style apron today, this time for a baby. I can remember my mother making these as fundraisers as well. I have updated the design a little and made it so that you can cut the apron and a pocket out of a feature fat quarter you may have if you wish. The apron has front sleeves that you can slip the baby's arms into.It is tied with some bias at the neck. This apron/bib can just as easily be made with some towelling and or flannel. Remember if you are using flannel to line the bib to prewash it as some flannel can shrink by up to 25%. The bib/apron/feeder measures approximately 12 1/2 inches from the shoulder to the bottom
The pattern and instructions can be downloaded from here.You are welcome to have this pattern but please do not republish it as your own.


  1. I don't know how to d/l from Google Docs. is there a trick? a button I'm not seeing? please help, I want to make some of these for gifts. thanks, Kitty

  2. I found it. sorry to bother you.

  3. What size would this be for please?

  4. The apron bib is really great for saving the baby clothes. Snap buttons could have been better as closure for the bib as it would be much easier. Just one snap and your done.


  5. Denied access?? Really would like the pattern for the childs feeder /apron bib.
    Do not know what I am doing wrong.