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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Easy Machine Embroidered Quilt-Tutorial Part 5 (Final)

Faux piped binding
The quilt is finished. I meander quilted it on my Janome Horizon but not on the frame. I used the faux piped binding method for the binding so no hand sewing. I made the faux piped binding according to Trisha's instructions at TLC Stitches. When sewing the binding on I do not backststitch at the beginning and end in case I need to unsew to join the two edges.I have joined the binding only slightly different to Trisha and have included pictures of the process. Make sure that you stop sewing the binding on approximately 10 inches from where you started.

Bring ends together and fold back on themselves

Open left binding strip and mark fold
Open out right binding strip and mark crease
With right sides together place strips at right angles to each other

Stitch across pinned line

Before you trim your seam just make sure that it is correct by laying the binding back in place. Press seam.

Refold your binding and stitch in place.
Turn binding to the front as in Trish's instructions and stitch down. You may use an edge foot here if you have one.

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