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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Two Week School Holidays (Vacation)

Tomorrow (Monday) is the first day of our mid year school holidays. It was very difficult last week when the alarm went off at 5.15am to get out of bed in the dark when there is thick frost on the ground. Isn't it strange how holidays always seem to come at the right time.
I made a bag about 5 years ago with a freebie embroidered stressed zebra design on it.
I always get it out of the cupboard and give it a bit of a run this time of the year when it is so busy.I tried to find a link to the design but it appears that the website no longer exists.
Stitched Impressions have a similar one
as do Creative Design
We also have a secret buddy system among our staff at school and there is a whole week of anticipation before major breaks as gift bags keep popping up . I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers with an organza bag filled with chocolates.

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