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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Organizing Fabric

In September last year my stash was way, way,way out of control to the point where I was finding it hard to store it neatly and not have a mess everytime I was looking for a particular piece of fabric. Not only do I have my patchwork and quilting stash but I also make hundreds of costumes for school productions as well as clothes for myself. I happened to come across this video by Marilyn Bohn and I spent the next couple of months refolding all my fabrics using this method. Now when I want a particular colour I just go to the neat pile I have created, sort through , pick the piece of fabric I want and then slot the pile neatly back in to place. This method saves a lot of space and time down to the track. It also makes you put your fabric away after you have finished a project because you know it has a nice neat place to return to as it joins the rest of your stash in keeping those shelves nice and warm!

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