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Saturday, 25 June 2011

New Baby Apron/Bib/Feeder

Baby Apron Bib-Feeder

Apron Bib Feeder

Apron Bib Feeder Back

I have just finished the pattern and tutorial for my second bib/ baby apron/feeder. This fully reversible bib does not have any free bias to get tangled in the washing machine which is a big plus. It is closed with velcro and if you follow the instructions on the velcro placement it is easy to make the velcro fastening work with either side.  You may find the tutorial and pattern here. If you have trouble downloading the file please look at the instructions on this previous post. I have used one of the baby sized porcelain dolls which I have made as a model. The doll is wearing the dress that my daughter wore to her christening when she was 6 months old.