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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Another new scarf- a real eye-catcher

Knitted Triana Yarn Scarf

My clever Mum has made me this lovely new scarf. It is knitted,made from one ball of yarn and you have 8 stitches on the needle. The yarn is like a fishing net and you knit along the net. I have another couple of balls of the yarn ready to give my Mum.
Here is the yarn.It comes with the pattern for the scarf. Download the pdf  on this site and see how it is done. Intriguing! It only takes about 2 hours to make one of these fantastic little beauties. Here in Australia the yarn is about $15 a ball.


  1. Wow Vic, I love this scarf!! I'm going to get some yarn & get mum to make it for me. Very clever. Love your site to!! Well done, Love Nat xxx