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Friday, 17 June 2011

Rolled Up Grocery Bag

Rolled Grocery Bag

Grocery Bag Rolled

We can never have enough of these things in our bags this day and age. I am always getting caught at the shops without my bag so have to buy one. This little rolled up version is very handy to have and they can be whipped up in a short period of time. Also great to use that other new toy many of us have,the bias tape maker. Make more bias and make more bags!.
The pattern and instructions for this reusable grocery bag can be found here.
To use this pattern you need to save the pdf file and print it off. You can make a great sized grocery bag from 20 inches of fabric ,longer if you wish of course.

Look for my new apron tutorial, over the weekend. Monday I return to school so crafting time will be short especially as I have reports to do during the next month.

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