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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Another Apron - Vintage Cross Stitch

Vintage Cross Stitch Gingham Apron

This apron has been in my possession for approximately 25 years. I acquired it along with some vintage linens at a deceased estate auction. It has a lovely shape down through the sides and all the thick floss cross-stitch has been done by hand of course. Another lovely feature is the shaped waist band which has also been cross-stitched with thick floss. I will make a tutorial and pattern for this lovely apron over the next day or so.


  1. Hi Vicki

    I fell in love with this type of embroidery a couple of months ago although it was introduced to me as Chicken Scratch embroidery. Mind you, I haven't made anything yet, just played with the technique on black and white gingham. Another UFO!

  2. Both of these are great! I've not done any cross-stitch for a couple of months now - must find something new for summer. Well done for coming up with your own designs! Xx

  3. hm.. I am reached here by searching for calibration details of embroidery machines... think it is right place for it and this site should be an encyclopedia for the embroidery business.

  4. I never knew that it depended on the number of stitches one got. I just assumed that it was so much per image that was placed on the garment. Guess you learn something new each day.