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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Printer Friendly Button

You will notice that I have added a Printer Friendly button to the top of my blog. This button also enables you to print the page or save the page as a pdf  and download that . To use this button is quite easy but you must make sure that if you only want to print a particular posting that you click on the posting for that day only.
For example if you come to my blog page you may find postings from 2 or 3 days on the one page and you may not want to print all of those out.
If you wanted to print out my Hints and Tips post about prepping your fabric to embroider you need to click on the heading for that page to open up just that page in a new window.
Once your new page has opened click on the Print pdf button
  The following page then appears and you can choose what actions you want to take i.e. print directly from the page or save as a pdf
If you choose the pdf option the screen below will appear and then just click on download your pdf.

I have also added a You Might Also Like button to the bottom of each post to remind you of some of my past postings that you may like to revisit.

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