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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hints and Tips 8 - Embird and Digital Quilting Files

While  Anita  from Chrystal Embroidery and I were talking yesterday she put me on the track of digital files intended to be used for long arm quilters that she has been using in Husqvarna 5D software . The newer versions of Embird have the function to be able to open and save these files. Some of the formats are QLI, SSD,IQP,HQF etc as used in programs for the longarm machines.

 I got to thinking that maybe we can use them also and convert to the format used by our own particular domestic embroidery machine . I tried it and it works. I have stitched one quilting design out to test the stitch quality seeing that they have changed format completely. There are some fabulous quilting designs out there and there are many inexpensive ones as well that would enable you do an allover edge to edge quilting pattern if you put a work into doing the mathematics in determining the size etc. There are some that would fit the large hoop (Brother 360x 360,Husqvarna/Pfaff 350x350 Grand Dream hoops) that may be easy to split for the overlaps.

I downloaded some digital quilting files that were free and had a play with those.The one I used to stitch out was from The Quilter's Quilter. The free set also has border,corner designs etc.
You can find links to some free digital quilting files at the end of this page.
So how do we do this?
 Download one of the formats that Embird recognises,(If you have 5D you can do this as   well)
Unzip the file as you do for any embroidery file and bring up the design you require . I am using QLI format.

Select the correct hoop size for the design and your machine
Centre the design in the hoop
File-Save-Save As and choose the format you require for your embroidery machine.

 I have  tried resizing and the stitch out below was originally 305mm x 305mm and I reduced it to 228mm x 228mm to fit in my Janome 230 x230 hoop. This is a free download as well from the webpage with the free patterns at the end that I provided a link to earlier.

Don't forget to use the printer friendly button at the top of the page if you wish to print this out or save it as a pdf.





  1. for some reason Embird is not opening my QLI files even though I checked it in Iconizer. Do you know why?

  2. Lisa you need to also in Manager-Options-Show- Quilting File Types ticked

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