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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Isn't Technology Great?

Over the last few days I have been busy stitching out the remainder of my crazy quilt blocks. I have 9 to go to reach the 64 needed for our crazy quilt BOM.
Since I have put Skype (email me if you want my  Skype ID)on my desktop computer in my sewing room I have been having lots of lovely conversations with people who read my blog and participate in the BOM's I run. One of those people is Anita James , a very talented Australian  lady who uses her Husqvarna 5D software to recreate and merge embroidery designs into embroidered quilt blocks. Anita's website is Chrystal Embroidery  and she sells workbooks/tutorials on how to manipulate your designs to achieve the magnificent quilt blocks. She does sell some designs but for the majority you purchase her workbooks and then the designs from the digitizers to manipulate.

Perhaps this a good stepping stone for those of you who have gained confidence in using your software.
 I  am going to share with you tomorrow a short tutorial on a topic that Anita and I discussed this morning so keep a watch out for that. It involves using a part of Embird that I had not thought about until today and then I jumped right in and had a go. Keep watching for tomorrow's post and have a visit to  Anita's website.

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