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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hints and Tips 9 - Applique and Pull Compensation with Embird

One of the most valuable features of using Embird is the Pull Compensation feature. Pull compensation is the feature that allows for stitches to cover a certain area taking into account the fabric pulling in etc.

Pull compensation is most valuable when stitching out a digitized applique design. How many times have we finished stitching out an applique design only to see it pull away when finished.

While a design may look fine on your computer it may not always sew out as you thought it would, especially the satin stitch around an applique. Increasing the Pull Compensation tells the program to spread your stitching out more when it is sewing.

I am going to use a  free retired set from Bunnycup designs called Just Ducky so that you can download it and have a play like I am.
Open your design in Editor and then select it by clicking on it

Go to Edit-Pull compensation and choose a new setting. It is right down the bottom of the column so you might have to click on the arrow for it to come up. (Also use SHIFT-CTRL-N)

A default setting of 0.4 will come up but generally I use about 0.9


Click OK. 
This will increase the overall size of your design by a small amount.

You can check
Just be aware that the if you change the Pull Compensation it will stay on that value until you exit Embird for the session you are in.

Don't forget you can download this in print friendly pdf.