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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Floral Sketches Block 4

Today has been a productive one. Not that I finished cleaning my sewing room but have done Block 4 of Floral Sketches BOM and sent out that lesson to those who are doing that quilt. Just a reminder that we are using Floral Sketches Set 2 from Hatched in Africa. I am also going to do another quilt with Floral Sketches Set 1 down the track. It is a challenge doing two different embroidery sized quilts at once. For those with the larger hoop they will be able to pick and choose which block size they do as all blocks are 16 inches square. This is going to be a quilt to fit a queen sized bed. I will put a pic up tomorrow of Row 1 to date.
Floral Sketches 2 BOM Block 4 with 6x10 designs

Floral Sketches 2 BOM Block 4 with 5x7 designs

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