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Friday, 31 May 2013

Hints and Tips 10- Quilt as You Go Method 3

Trim your quilted blocks to the desired size as in the previous two tutorials.
Cut 3 ½  inch wide sashing strips for the front of the quilt.
Fold the strips to the middle and press as in the previous methods.
Lay your two quilted blocks side by side, right sides up.
Take your first block and sashing strip. With right sides together place the unfolded edge on the RHS of the block as shown. Match raw edges and pin in place.
Stitch. This seam will be 1 inch wide.
Flip the LHS block over on top of the RHS block, right sides together exposing the seam . Stitch this seam in a similar fashion to the previous one.
To make the sashings for the back you can either choose a decorative fabric or one that matches your backing.
The back sashings are cut at 3 inches  in width and are pressed in the same manner.
The  next step is going to be to lay the folded and pressed  back sashing onto the back of your blocks centreing between the two visible seams made by the front sash.
 It should fit very well if you have trimmed your blocks well and been accurate with your seam allowances on your front sashings.
Using bobbin thread to match the sashing on the front you are going to stitch it in place very carefully, making your stitching close to its two edges. However, by using the edge of your machine foot to help you the stitching on the front will be nice and straight.

 Move the needle over to the right/ or left depending on which side you are stitching and using the edge of your foot as a guide against the previous stitching line on the right/left stitch the length of the sashing. Check that you have the needle in the right position before you sew too far along.
Move the needle to the opposite position and sew along the remaining side of the sashing if you wish to sew them all in the one direction or just turn your block up the other way to do the remaining side.
When you turn your block over the machine stitching down the front sash should be nice and straight.



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