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Friday, 17 May 2013

New project using IEC

Designs in Machine Embroidery have a free trial digital edition of their Summer Special  issue. You can find the download details here. It is a file of about 70mb in size to download.

I am working on a new little project using the Martha Pullen IEC designs. The designs I am using are bonus ones released this month. They come as part of your membership for the year. This time it is a padded covered wooden coat hanger. This is my first attempt and prototype. It is just a matter now of making another couple in some other colour ways to get the pattern exactly correct and then I will write up the instructions and send them out to people in my group who are receiving them. These hanger covers are just perfect to use all of those trimmings of bating from your quilt. This coat hanger used all the rimmings from the owl quilt I have just finished.

Also further to my post about there being an update for  Embird apparently there has been another hot on the heels of the one a couple of days ago. I would wait for a while before updating. 

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  1. Love your coat hanger Vicki. It would make a really nice present for Christmas. I know a bit early to think about that...