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Sunday, 12 May 2013

New Video

After my dummy spit in my last post I have had so many messages of support it has been overwhelming. I want to thank those who sent me such lovely messages and posted supportive comments. I suppose I was a bit under the weather as I have a cold and feeling miserable and sorry for myself. I hope that I have sent emails to those people thanking them but if I have missed you I am sorry. Please know that I read every word of each one.
We had a lovely lunch with my Mum for  Mother's Day and my daughter remembered to phone without being reminded by someone else.  

After many requests I have done a video tutorial on resizing in Embird and also how to take stitches out of designs by recalculating density etc. It  may not be textbook perfect but you may find aspects of it useful. I am sorry about the background noise but I used my laptop for this as I wanted to be able to get up fairly close to the numbers etc. so that people viewing could read them.



  1. It is utterly amazing how feeling under the weather can affect one's outlook on *everything*. I'm so *pleased* for you that you have risen above the less-than-kind comments (no doubt because you are feeling better) and have taken more time out of your life to re-create the Embird video.

    I, for one, thank you so very, very much. Even though I have owned Embird for many years, I still barely scratch the surface of its capabilities and eagerly read and save every tutorial I find.

    So .. thank you. :-)

  2. Vicki Thankyou very much . Your help is alway very much appreciated.

  3. Awesome video Vicki, you are so talented and knowledgeable. Wish you could come stay with me for a couple of weeks and teach me! Want a trip to the states????