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Monday, 18 March 2013

New Quilt and It's a Cat's Life

I am having this week off from writing up lessons for BOM. So what did I do, started designing a quilt. not a BOM but will be done as a quilt along type of lesson.
As many of you know I bought the 20103 Martha Pullen IEC set of designs and it was my plan for the year to make as many different types of projects as I could with this one set of designs. I have made 8 or 9 I think to date and now I am designing a quilt using the  christening gown designs from this set.
The quilt will have medallion type  centre and then have borders coming out form this centre. This quilt is to be all embroidered. I am also going to join the sections together using my lace quilt as you go method that I for the candlewick quilt. I am using black Cluney lace with either the pink or purple ribbon underneath the lace.
Quilt Centre for new Quilt
I have stitched out  a practice centre, (took 7 hours) and I am happier with the on point look. It initially was not going to be on point and I did not leave enough fabric but this can be made into a large cushion.
The cats have been lapping up the sun both in my sewing room and outside. Great to have such interested helpers.


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