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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Aristocat Block 5 and some gorgeous sunset pics

Last night before we went to be volunteer penguin tour guides I managed to finish HIA Aristocat Block 5 featuring Houdini cat in our BOM and I am now working on Block 6. Block 5 is very straightforward with no modification of the original design. I hope to have the  instructions for this Block sent out later today or tomorrow.
Aristocat BOM Block 5
As we arrived at Lillico Beach last night (Saturday 16th) the sunset was spectacular with beautiful colours. As you can see from some of the pics there were very threatening clouds out to sea and just after dark there were a few lightning flashes. One of the visitors to the viewing platform arrived with a camera set up on a tripod and with he shutter open to capture pics of the lightning he manged to capture some spectacular shots. Unfortunately I do not have any to show you but if i find a link where he has shared them will post that  link here.
Lillico Beach Saturday evening March 16

In the last pic you can just see the Spirit of Tasmania the Bass Strait Ferry commencing its nightly crossing to Melbourne.
We met two lovely young couples last night. One couple were  from Minnesota in the United States and the other from Belgium. Both were on working visas here in Australia and were here in Tasmania for a few weeks. The couple from  Belgium were picking apples at a local orchard.
Block 2 of HIA Floral Sketches 2 should also go out this afternoon. Just a reminder that I am using Moda Cuzco for those two quilts . I am doing one quilt with the 5x7 designs and one with the 6x10 designs. However, you will be able to swap the blocks if you wish because both quilt blocks for each lesson will be the same finished size.
I am also going to do two quilts with  HIA Floral Sketches 1 and I am using Moda Honey Honey for that quilt.

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