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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Latest Project

Yesterday was spent making this quilt for my hairdresser. Last year when I told he that I had made one for my secret buddy at school she got very excited so I thought I would surprise her by making one for her. I dropped it off today when she wasn't there and it was waiting when she arrived for work. Her excited and emotional phone call was all the thanks that I needed.
Carlton Football Team Quilt
It is almost an exact copy of the quilt I made last year and is a great design for a sport colour quilt. You can find the details of where to locate the tutorial on this page,
I have also got a couple more pics to put up from people who are making the HIA Aristocat quilt BOM. Again it is so good to see how people choose their colours and how they combine them all giving very different outcomes.
Shirley's Blocks 1 and 2

Paula's Blocks 1 and 2

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